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Nancy - "Keep Cooler"

Nancy - Keep Cooler

Brazil is known for it’s ass-shakin’ music with artists like CSS and Bonde do Role, which leaves one to wonder what else is out there? Well, Nancy, that’s what! Their sultry melodic indie pop sound is miles away from what the Brazilian music scene is noted for in the States. Rest assure, though, that Nancy is about to give everyone a lesson in Brazil’s hidden indie rock gems.

Preview the band's upcoming EP Keep Cooler, which is being digitally released Stateside on March 10, 2009, with a free download of the title track!

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Peter Bjorn and John - "Lay It Down" (Golden Filter Remix)

Peter Bjorn and John - Lay It Down (Golden Filter Remix)

America's favorite Swedes, Peter Bjorn and John new record, "Living Thing", will be in stores March 31st. Peter Bjorn and John announced their Spring USA Tour last week. Pre-order the album now and receive a unique ticket code for an exclusive ticket pre-sale while supplies last and receive an instant download of PB&J's new single, "Nothing to Worry About." All tickets are on sale to the general public January 30th.

And while you're waiting for the trio to roll through your town, download Golden Filter's remix of "Lay It Down" for free!

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Dead Man - "A Pinch of Salt"

Dead Man - A Pinch of Salt

Featuring members from hard rock band Norrsken -- which also featured in its ranks current Witchcraft frontman Magnus Pelander and Graveyard members Joakim Nilsson and Rikard Edlund -- Swedish psychedelic folk band Dead Man play freewheeling, spirited rock with melancholic undertones and “a slight touch of darkness” on their new album Euphoria. Dead man connect the dots where the adventurous folk-rock of the late '60s overlapped with metal’s prehistoric commingling with blues-rock and prog in the early '70s, unearthing such kindred spirits as Jefferson Airplane, Blue Cheer and The Grateful Dead.

Dead Man are scheduled to hit the States for shows during the month of February. Take a listen with a free download of Dead Man's "A Pinch of Salt."

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Middle Class Rut - "Busy Bein' Born"

Middle Class Rut - Busy Bein Born

Middle Class Rut's upcoming release, a limited edition 7" vinyl single Busy Bein' Born (with "All Walks Of Life" on the B-side) will be released on February 10th via Bright Antenna.

Take a listen to "Busy Bein' Born" by this Sacramento band with a free download!

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Via Tania - "Wonderstranger"

Via Tania - Wonderstranger

Born in Australia to South African parents, Tania Bowers childhood was full with diversity and dreams, often craving the unknown and inspired to pursue a musical gypsy lifestyle. As soon as she was able, Tania set on a path full of happenstance and wonder, which up until now has led this uniquely talented and equally endearing young singer songwriter to Chicago and ready to release Moon Sweet Moon.

Preview Moon Sweet Moon and Via Tania's haunting Björk-like voice with a listen to "Wonderstranger."

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Love Language - "Lalita"

Love Language - Lalita

The Love Language is a lo-fi Indie Pop band from Raleigh, NC whose debut self titled release is the story of one man’s redemption. The result sounds like a Phil Spector recording employing the aesthetic of the early '90s lo fi movement, a la Guided By Voices and Sebadoh. The Love Language is a one man album. Everything on this debut record was written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Stu McLamb.

The Love Language will be hitting SXSW this year as they promote their self-titled album. Take a (free) listen with a download of "Lalita."

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Volunteers - "Rock and Roll (will kill you)"

Volunteers - Rock and Roll (will kill you)

Currently on tour along the East Coast, The Volunteers are bringing their take on Brooklyn Americana to the people in true rock and roll fashion. And speaking of rock and roll, take a listen to The Volunteers with a free download of their track "Rock and Roll (Will Kill You)."

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Bottle Up & Go - "Day I Die"

Bottle Up & Go - Day I Die

Bottle Up & Go are gearing up for a run of dates in January and have unveiled a brand new song to celebrate! Bottle Up & Go released These Bones (c/o Kill Normal Records) to rave reviews in the fall of '08.

Their previously unreleased and freshly recorded song, "Day I Die," is from a recent home-recording session done in December. Drummer Fareed Sajan describes the song as "an indication of a new skin for Bottle Up & Go, one that has grown atop the old worn in skin of blues tradition...I think the new track showcases BU&G's urgency and expands on our continual experimentation with interpreting the blues."

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Ume - "The Conductor"

Ume - The Conductor

Austin, Texas-based band Ume (pronounced ooo-may) will be self-releasing their new EP Sunshower, online and as a limited edition CD, Tuesday, February 24th. Recorded in 2008 by Frenchie Smith at The Bubble studios in Austin, TX, Sunshower highlights Ume's sonic evolution.

Preview the release today with a free download of the track "The Conductor."

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Trouble Andrew feat. Diplo - "Run Hide"

Trouble Andrew feat. Diplo - Run Hide

Meet Trouble Andrew. Much of the world already knows him as the professional snowboarder for Burton with two Olympic stints, numerous World Cup wins, and several national titles under his belt. But Trouble – aka Trevor Andrew – is about to be known for something other than slashing the slopes, shredding the backcountry, and dropping in on a half pipe. He wants to be known for his music. And his debut CD, Trouble Andrew -- out February 10, 2009 via Virgin Records -- is sure to secure a place for him on the musical map.

While you're waiting for his debut CD, take a listen to a non-album track called "Run Hide" from the remixed record.

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