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Romans - "Mystery Girl"

Romans - Mystery Girl

Romans have an eye to the past. The band, which features members of We Are The Fury, Head Automatica, and Jaguar Love, are a mix of 50s and 60s rock and pop. The band's single "Mystery Girl" is smooth and upbeat old fashioned rock 'n' roll. Take a listen for yourself with a free download of Romans' "Mystery Girl."

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Female Demand - "Paint My Brains With Your House"

Female Demand - Paint My Brains With Your House

Female Demand set together fuzzed out vocals and loose, jamming rock 'n' roll instrumentation on their debut single "Paint My Brains With Your House." The track's experimental edge even has a bit of a hint of Throbbing Gristle. It's a straight forward track that gets in and gets out and can be found on the band's most recent album "Outside the Universe."

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New Beard - "Doom"

New Beard - Doom

Hand clapping, rich strings and a generally upbeat feeling on "Doom," the lead single from New Beard's new album "New Beard City," offset the track's title. Also of note, "Doom" features Dungen's Gustav Ejstes who also co-produced the album with New Beard's Ben Wigler.

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Conduits - "Top Of The Hill"

Conduits - Top Of The Hill

Dense, atmospheric, spacey, soft and melodic: those words might not seem to go together but they all perfectly describe Conduits' "Top Of The Hill." The track is off the Omaha-based sextet's self-titled debut album. Download and take a listen for yourself and catch the band this March on tour with Cursive.

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Bardo Pond - "Cracker Wrist"

Bardo Pond - Cracker Wrist

If you're looking for a meaty track you can sink your musical teeth into, then look no further. Bardo Pond's "Cracker Wrist" is a nine minute epic that gets right to things and pulls you directly into the action with a lengthy guitar-driven instrumental introduction that's both ghostly and spirited, eerie and lively. And once those vocals kick in, well, things get slow. And heavy. "Cracker Wrist" is off the band's new self-titled album, out now on Fire Records.

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Hot Club de Paris - "Free The Pterodactyl 3"

Hot Club de Paris - Free The Pterodactyl 3

Liverpool's Hot Club de Paris have just digitally released their North American debut "Free The Pterodactyl 3." Check the band out with a free download of the album's poppy title track, full of whimsy, a sing-along chorus and plenty of twinkling harmonies. Traditional pop has just gotten a new twist.

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T-Model Ford - "Comin' Back Home"

T-Model Ford - Comin Back Home

While some of us are happy to feel sorry for ourselves as we get older and haven't accomplished our dreams, T-Model Ford isn't one of those people. The 90 year old bluesman didn't get started in music until his 70s and he's set to release a new album, "Taledragger," in January through Alive Records. Take a peek at the new album with a free download of "Comin' Back Home," a classic sounding blues track that more than hints of Howlin' Wolf's "Smokestack Lightning."

Photo by Peter Lee

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Old Time Relijun - "Mirror"

Old Time Relijun - Mirror

Like the soundtrack to a late night, cult classic, monster movie from the '60s, The Old Time Relijun's "Mirror" is quick and dark with the raw feel of garage rock and the swing of surf. The track is from Old Time Relijun's "Songbook, Volume One," which has just been re-released by Northern-Spy. Listen for yourself with a free download of Old Time Relijun's "Mirror."

Photo by Mason McGraw

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Suzanna Choffel - "Archer"

Suzanna Choffel - Archer

Suzanna Choffel's vocals are strong, smooth and sultry on "Archer," the first track her new album "Steady Eye Shaky Bow." The song is indie and soul and jazz combined to something modern and something familiar. While the album isn't due out until next year, you can get a free download of "Archer" now.

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Andrew Bird - "Hot Math"

Andrew Bird - Hot Math

Twangy, lively and full of emotion, it's hard to classify "Hot Math" by Andrew Bird. The instrumental track has elements of folk, blues, jazz, and maybe even a little world music. The track is off his upcoming "Useless Creatures" album, an instrumental companion to his 2009 album "Noble Beast." Check out Andrew Bird's "Hot Math" now with a free download!

Photo by Cameron Wittig.

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