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UnSun - "Home"

UnSun - Home

Electronics and heavy guitars battle it out on UnSun's "Home" as singer Aya add delicate, soaring vocals. The track is off the Polish band's forthcoming album "Clinic for Dolls," out October 11th. is offering an exclusive preview of UnSun's "Home" with a free stream.

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Urge Overkill - "Effigy"

Urge Overkill - Effigy

Urge Overkill are officially back together. After 15 years since the release of their last album, the band have reunited and have headed back to the studio to record a new album. As a hint of what's to come, Urge Overkill have released a new track called "Effigy." With a guitar riff that reminds of Neil Young's "Rockin' In The Free World," Urge Overkill's "Effigy" is an energetic return. Hear for yourself with a free download of Urge Overkill's "Effigy!"

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Empire Shall Fall - "Our Own"

Empire Shall Fall - Our Own is premiering The Empire Shall Fall track "Our Own." The thundering metalcore track is off the band's debut album "Awaken," released in November 2009 by Angle Side Side Records. The band cut through the heaviness but still stay hard, matching a chorus of melodic guitar riffs up with politically engaged lyrics. Check it out and decide for yourself with a free stream of The Empire Shall Fall's "Our Own."

Photo by Emily Stamp.

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Pete Yorn - "Velcro Shoes"

Pete Yorn - Velcro Shoes

Pete Yorn has released his brand new single, "Velcro Shoes," and we've got it for a free download! The track is off his upcoming self-titled album that was produced by none other than Frank Black. While you won't be able to get your hands on the album until September 28th (unless you want to go for the iTunes version which will be out September 7), "Velcro Shoes" is available now. The track sees Yorn, somewhat predictably, returning to his upbeat rock roots. But he takes an unexpected turn with some edginess that shows off a more raw, interesting sound that gives "Velcro Shoes" an unmistakable appeal.

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Quinn Marston - "Can You Hear Me See Me Now?"

Quinn Marston - Can You Hear Me See Me Now?

20-year old New York-based singer/songwriter Quinn Marston comes across with a quirky, confidence on the deceptively upbeat "Can You Hear Me See Me Now?," the title track from her full-length debut. While the album doesn't come out until October 26th from Ernest Jenning Record Co., you can download the track now for a free listen.

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A.R.E. Weapons - "Mr. Creature"

A.R.E. Weapons - Mr. Creature

Electro-rockers A.R.E. Weapons have released a creeping, crawling, hip-swiveling dark rockabilly sound with their song "Mr. Creature." The track is off their new album, "Darker Blue." Listen for yourself with a free download of A.R.E. Weapons' "Mr. Creature."

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Chris Hickey - "Beautiful Struggle" (The Borrowers cover)

Chris Hickey - Beautiful Struggle (The Borrowers cover)

Singer-songwriter Chris Hickey doesn't fall for fads or trends. While synth pop electronics seem to be all the rage these days, there's something to be said for simple and straightforward. With just an acoustic guitar and his voice, Hickey's cover of The Borrowers' "Beautiful Struggle" is evocative and reflective. Sometimes less is so very much more. Listen to Hickey cover "Beautiful Struggle" with a free download.

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Alain Johannes - "Endless Eyes"

Alain Johannes - Endless Eyes

There's soulful music and then there's soulful. Alain Johannes' "Endless Eyes," off his solo debut "Spark," is the latter. The track is an ode to his late wife and creative partner Natasha Shneider who passed away in 2008. Known for his work with Eleven as well as with Queens of the Stone Age and Desert Sessions, "Endless Eyes" isn't a surprise as much as a wonderful fulfillment of what you'd expect. The track is rhythmic and spirited as Johannes' vocals pull you in.

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Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants - "Get Along"

Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants - Get Along

Foo Fighters lead guitarist Chris Shiflett's taking a break from his main project for something new: The Dead Peasants. "Get Along" from Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants is gently rambling Americana with a country and roots feeling. With melodic slide guitar, "Get Along" captures some of the spirit of the Allman Brothers. Take a listen for yourself with a free download of "Get Along," off the band's self-titled debut album.

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Living Days - "Go Oblivion"

Living Days - Go Oblivion

Longing for the original days of electro-pop when synthesizers just had that special sound? Then you might want to check out Living Days' "Go Oblivion." With an uplifting, forward sound Living Sound's "Go Oblivion" sounds straight out of the '80s...but with better production values and a little more of a punky edge. Check it out for yourself with a free download of Living Day's "Go Oblivion."

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