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Cadillac Sky - "Trapped Under the Ice"

Cadillac Sky - Trapped Under the Ice

One listen to the bluesy, folksy Americana of Cadillac Sky's "Trapped Under the Ice" and it'll come as no surprise that the band's new album "Letters in the Deep" was produced by The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach. Cadillac Sky keep things relatively subtle but there's nothing minimal with their sound on "Trapped Under the Ice" as they build their dynamics without hitting you over the head. Take a listen with a free download of Cadillac Sky's "Trapped Under the Ice."

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Jenny Wilson - "Only Here for the Fight"

Jenny Wilson - Only Here for the Fight

Swedish singer Jenny Wilson doesn't hold anything back as she strikes a flamboyant falsetto disco pose while pairing the pop with a clean piano melody on her track "Only Here for the Fight." The track is off Wilson's US debut, "Hardships!," which is set for release August 24th on Gold Medal Recordings. Check out Jenny Wilson with a free download of "Only Here for the Fight."

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Mathemagic - "Breaststroke"

Mathemagic - Breaststroke

Float away on the dreamy and blissed out electronics of "Breaststroke," a track by Canadian duo Mathemagic. The track is from the band's self-titled debut EP; a full-length release is expected from the band this fall. Listen for yourself with a free download of Mathemagic's "Breaststroke."

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AWOLNATION - "Burn It Down"


Need something to help get you started? Need some more pep in your step? With speedy electronics and falsetto vocal flairs a la Little Richard, AWOLNATION's "Burn It Down" might be just what you're looking for. No one can accuse this band of being subtle as the in your face track goes over the top. Listen for yourself with a free download of AWOLNATION's "Burn It Down."

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The Brute Chorus - "Could This Be Love"

The Brute Chorus - Could This Be Love

Imagine Chris Isaak or Brian Setzer going darker and edgier, fronting The Gun Club and putting an updated spin on rockabilly. That gives a vague idea of what UK band The Brute Chorus' "Could This Be Love" sounds like. The track is off the band's "How The Caged Bird Sings," which is scheduled for released in August. But don't wait for the end of summer, download The Brute Chorus' "Could This Be Love" now!

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Kaiser Cartel - "Ready To Go"

Kaiser Cartel - Ready To Go

Kaiser Cartel's "Ready To Go" is super light and super melodic indie feel good pop. The duo, who are made up of Courtney Kaiser and Benjamin Cartel, certainly don't sound like a twosome with lush harmonies and plenty of background vocals. "Ready To Go" is off the band's upcoming sophomore album "Secret Transit," which is out June 8th. Listen now with a free download of Kaiser Cartel's "Ready To Go."

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Unnatural Helpers - "Girl in the Window"

Unnatural Helpers - Girl in the Window

Drummer-slash-singer Dean Whitmore delivers shrieking vocals over and pounding drums and high energy garage rock on Unnatural Helpers' "Girl in the Window." The track is off the Seattle band's new album "Cracked Love & Other Drugs." Check out Unnatural Helpers' "Girl in the Window" with a free download!

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The Dø - "At Last"

The Dø - At Last

If you like sweet and soft melodic pop, The Dø (pronounced "dough") are for you. The Finnish-French duo's track "At Last" is just that simple and heartwarming from the instrumentation of Dan Levy that avoids the common over embellishments to singer Olivia Merilahti stretching her vocal chords from time to time. Check out The Dø with a free download of "At Last."

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Cuff The Duke - "You Were Right"

Cuff The Duke - You Were Right

Toronto band Cuff The Duke use rich multi-part vocal harmonies and soft instrumentation to create a wispy folk sound that is the perfect soundtrack for a road trip on "You Were Right." The track is the lead-off from their new album, "Way Down Here" from Ernest Jenning. Download Cuff The Duke's "You Were Right" and load it up on your portable player, or, just queue it up at home. Whatever your pleasure.

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Trentemøller - "Sycamore Feeling."

Trentemøller - Sycamore Feeling.

Marie Fisker's vocals on "Sycamore Feeling," the first single from Danish electronic artist Trentemøller's sophomore album "Into the Great Wide Yonder," is mesmerizing. Fisker's dreamy, breathy and washed out as the music snaps crisply in the background behind her. It brings to mind something a little more sinister than Hope Sandoval. Listen with a free download of Trentemøller's "Sycamore Feeling."

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