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Brent DeBoer - "You Win"

Brent DeBoer - You Win

While some musicians are looking to get as far away from their steady projects as possible on solo and side outings, The Dandy Warhols' drummer Brent DeBoer has no such concerns. On "You Win," from his first solo project "The Farmer" EP, DeBoer shows off a slow, soft and dreamy melody. Check it out with a free download.

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Seasick Steve - "Diddley Bo"

Seasick Steve - Diddley Bo

With rumbling slide guitar, Seasick Steve hits "Diddley Bo" in all the right places. Seasick Steve and Rykodisk released a limited edition Seasick Steve 7-inch, created exclusively for Record Store Day 2010. With only 1000 copies pressed, this exclusive single features a B-side live recording of "Diddley Bo" from Seasick Steve's 2009 performance at Belgium's Rock Werchter Festival.

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Pretty Good Dance Moves - "Bad Habits" (Featuring Lissy Trullie)

Pretty Good Dance Moves - Bad Habits (Featuring Lissy Trullie)

Remember the '80s? Seems these days certain music scenes won't let you forget it. And Pretty Good Dance Moves are pure, unadulterated, synthy '80s pop. Their track "Bad Habits," featuring Lissy Trullie, evokes images of what Depeche Mode might have sounded like if they'd been fronted by a woman. Check it out with a free download!

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Kate Miller-Heidke - "Politics In Space"

Kate Miller-Heidke - Politics In Space

Kate Miller-Heidke's vocals border on the dramatic and the flamboyant -- she even breaks out her opera chops -- on her rhythmically catchy "Politics In Space." The track spirals through a number of styles from delicate and dainty to edgy and strong but it all comes together coherently. Listen for yourself with a free download of Kate Miller-Heidke's "Politics In Space."

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To Rococo Rot - "Horses"

To Rococo Rot - Horses

German trio To Rococo Rot have put together an instrumental electronic track called "Horses" that is easy to get lost in. "Horses" is light and dreamy as the looping melody pops amidst crashing cymbals. The track is off their new album, out June 29th on Domino Recording Co., called "Speculation," which was recorded at Faust's Scheer studio in Germany. Download To Rococo Rot's "Horses" for free and take a listen.

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Bettie Serveert - "Semaphore" (Acoustic)

Bettie Serveert - Semaphore (Acoustic)

In honor of the release of their new album, "Pharmacy of Love," rock trio Bettie Serveert are unplugging their instruments. At least for one track. The band have released an acoustic version of "Semaphore." Their acoustic take on the track is relaxed and uncomplicated, as it should be. Listen for yourself with a free download of Bettie Serveert's "Semaphore" (Acoustic).

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Hacienda - "I Keep Waiting"

Hacienda - I Keep Waiting

Imagine The Beach Boys traded their cars and surfboards for saddles and spurs. The result might have the same Western giddy up and go as on Hacienda's "I Keep Waiting." The track is off the band's new album "Big Red & Barbacoa," produced by The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach. Download Hacienda's "I Keep Waiting" now for free and take a listen.

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Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs - "Forget It"

Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs - Forget It

Slinky, sexy and mysterious, Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs' "Forget It" -- off their new album that's out now "Medicine County" -- feels like a '60s pop throw-back. It's got tangy organ solos, twangy electric guitar riffs and a tango rhythm not to mention Golightly's sweet voice. It would have been perfect for Pulp Fiction. It's the perfect soundtrack to a dark and smokey cabaret. Download Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs' "Forget It" for free now!

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Brother Dege - "The Girl Who Wept Stones"

Brother Dege - The Girl Who Wept Stones

Twangy guitar, a foot stomping rhythm and soulful vocals. Brother Dege's "The Girl Who Wept Stones" is pure blues. It's a lean, strong track that doesn't layer on anything unnecessary. "The Girl Who Wept Stones" is off of Brother Dege's forthcoming album, "Folk Songs of the American Longhair," due out April 28th. Download the track for free now and take a listen.

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The Lights - "Puerto Escondido"

The Lights - Puerto Escondido

The Lights take post-punk in a different direction on their track "Puerto Escondido." Lively rhythms pound out a darkly Western flavor while the sing-along chorus makes a solemn plea ("I've been drinking, I've been drowning in my blood. I've been sinking, I've been crying for your love!"). The Lights' "Puerto Escondido" is off their upcoming album "Failed Graves" (out April 27th from Wäntage USA). Download the track now for free and take a listen!

Photo by Sarah Murphy Jurado

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