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Codeine Velvet Club - "Hollywood"

Codeine Velvet Club - Hollywood

Codeine Velvet Club's "Hollywood" is high class. The track is upbeat, produced pop done in a 1960s style with an orchestra, female background singers and just a big sound overall. Codeine Velvet Club is the new project from The Fratellis' John Lawler and singer/songwriter Lou Hickey. Download Codeine Velvet Club's "Hollywood" for free and take a listen.

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Air Waves - "Lightning"

Air Waves - Lightning

Air Waves fall somewhere in between the '60s of Nico and '90s indie scene of Belle & Sebastian. The Brooklyn-based band are just finishing up some tour dates but that doesn't mean you have to miss out. Download Air Waves' "Lightning," off their debut self-titled EP, for a free listen. "Lightning" puts bouncy but steady instrumentation behind singer/songwriter Nicole Schneit's dreamy, soft vocals.

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Violent Soho - "Bombs Over Broadway"

Violent Soho - Bombs Over Broadway

There's definitely hints of grunge and alternative in Aussie band Violent Soho's sound. But whatever their leanings, they're undoubtedly rock. Their track "Bombs Over Broadway" is high energy, quick paced and full of snarling attitude. It'll take you back. The band recently released their self-titled US debut on Ecstatic Peace/Universal Motown. Download Violent Soho's "Bombs Over Broadway" now for free and listen for yourself.

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Kitten - "Don't Kill The Light"

Kitten - Dont Kill The Light

Kitten frontwoman Chloe Chaidez might have a delicate, breathy voice but she's got the edge and the power when you least expect it. Gently melodic, the Los Angeles-based band "Don't Kill The Light" has dreamy soft pop sensibilities that might easily become a guilty pleasure. Check it out with a free download of Kitten's "Don't Kill The Light."

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Echo & The Bunnymen - "Proxy"

Echo & The Bunnymen - Proxy

Anxiously awaiting the upcoming spring tour dates for Echo & The Bunnymen in the US and Canada, including a stop over at Coachella? Then you need to check out "Proxy," of their latest full-length release "The Fountain." The dreamy and upbeat pop track with a retro twist and it sure is catchy. Download Echo & The Bunnymen's "Proxy" for free and set it on repeat.

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The Morning Pages - "My Name is Lion"

The Morning Pages - My Name is Lion

It's the sweet melody that sets off this twangy and soulful folk tune from The Morning Pages. "My Name is Lion" swells with a rich melody while remaining beautifully humble. The track is the first single from the Brooklyn based band's "Rising Rain" album. Look for the album this May but don't wait. Get a free download of "My Name is Lion" now!

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Patrick Bower & the World Without Magic - "The Dark Lord (of Love)"

Patrick Bower & the World Without Magic - The Dark Lord (of Love)

Troubadour Patrick Bower, along with his band The World Without Magic, weaves a tale that lives up to its name with the track "The Dark Lord (of Love)." It's scintillating dark pop that brings to mind Scott Walker, Serge Gainsbourg and Harry Nilsson. Take a listen for yourself with a free downlod of Patrick Bower & the World Without Magic's "The Dark Lord (of Love)."

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Sabbath Assembly - "Hymn of the Consecration"

Sabbath Assembly - Hymn of the Consecration

Hippies and children of hippies unite and rally around Sabbath Assembly. While "Hymn of the Consecration" might sound like it's straight out of 1968 from a band that may have once shared the stage with Jefferson Airplane, it's actually brand new. Well, sort of. The band's new album "Restored to One" is "a modern response to the musical activities of a cult known as The Process Church of the Final Judgment, who used music to spread their visions of Gnostic reconciliation in a time of cataclysmic change. Sabbath Assembly has re-charged the original hymns of The Process Church and worked them into moving renditions that unite the trinity of rock, psychedelic and gospel music into one triumphant re-awakening." Turn on, tune in and drop out with a free download of Sabbath Assembly's "Hymn of the Consecration."

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The Icarus Line - "We Sick"

The Icarus Line - We Sick

Last week, The Icarus Line released their new single "We Sick/Holy Man." The single's lead off track, "We Sick" kicks off as a methodical but dirty chant but then, bang, the guitar really revs into gear and overrides everything in its way. Download yourself and take a listen to The Icarus Line's "We Sick."

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Walter Schreifels - "Arthur Lee's Lullaby"

Walter Schreifels - Arthur Lees Lullaby

Walter Schreifels might be best known for his days amidst the hardcore music scene with bands like Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand and Rival Schools but these days he's going solo. "Arthur Lee's Lullaby," off his debut solo album "An Open Letter To The Scene," is thoughtful indie rock. Take a listen with a free download of Walter Schreifels' "Arthur Lee's Lullaby." And don't forget to pick up a copy of "An Open Letter To The Scene," out May 4th from Academy Fight Song.

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