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The Goat & the Occasional Others - "Luh Dat Shit"

The Goat & the Occasional Others - Luh Dat Shit

LA-based The Goat & the Occasional Others might be comprised of professional skateboarders but the band's "Luh Dat Shit" is somewhat minimalist. The rough and sloppy minute and forty-three second track dips and slides all over while pulling you along.

The Goat has quickly established itself with a cult following amongst everyone from their fellow professional skateboarders, like Eric Koston and Guy Mariano, to plus-sized porn model Crystal Clear and movie actor Ryan Gosling. Gosling, a musician himself in the band Dead Man's Bones, introduced the band to the label Werewolf Heart Records (Gosling's label with fellow Dead Man Zach Shields and record producer/Ima Robot band member Tim Anderson) in Los Angeles, for whom The Goat just finished recording their first full length entitled "The Goat Speaks" to be released February 9, 2010.

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Vandaveer - "Auld Lang Syne"

Vandaveer - Auld Lang Syne

DC-based indie-folk duo Vandaveer -- Mark Heidinger and Rose Guerin -- put a decidedly country folk feel on the classic holiday tune "Auld Lang Syne." The track is off their 2007 EP "VNDVR - XMSEP." Ring in the new year (and the new decade!) with a free download of Vandaveer's "Auld Lang Syne."

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Buffalo Killers - "Run Run Rudolph"

Buffalo Killers - Run Run Rudolph

Back in 2006, Cincinnati's Buffalo Killers recorded a cover of Chuck Berry's "Run Run Rudolph" for The Buffalo Killers' cover captures all the energy and holiday spirit of Berry's original but with more fuzz and some falsetto background vocals. Now the track can be yours with a free download.

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Brimstone Howl - "Suicide Blues"

Brimstone Howl - Suicide Blues

Brimstone Howl's garage rock guitar sound embodies something akin to classics like Lou Reed and The Rolling Stones or more modern favorites like Cheater Slicks and The Gories on "Suicide Blues." The track is off the Lincoln, NE band's newly released fourth full-length release "Big Deal. What's He Done Lately?" If you think they've got a lot of fuzz and feedback, wait until the guitar solo kicks in.

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The Bravery - "The Spectator"

The Bravery - The Spectator

The Bravery don't release their new album "Stir The Blood" until December 1st, but why wait? Take a listen to their new track "The Spectator," a dark and smoky electronic song that's moody and melodic.

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The Little Death - "Gather Round"

The Little Death - Gather Round

The Little Death take the funky James Gang's "Funk #49" riff (or the Footloose hook, if you prefer), slow things down a bit and add some background singers and put a more laid-back soul spin on it for their track "Gather Round." The band, whose bass player -- Moby -- you might have heard of, draw straight from the classics. Take a listen for yourself with a free download of The Little Death's "Gather Round."

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Arms and Sleepers - "The Architekt"

Arms and Sleepers - The Architekt

Arms and Sleepers team up with Ben Shepard and Catherine Worsham of Uzi & Ari for "The Architekt." The track's lush instrumentation pops with electronic pulses as hushed vocals float over top of the synth melody. "The Architekt," which is off the duo's "Matador" album, is available for a free download!

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Will Stratton - "Your California Sky"

Will Stratton - Your California Sky

Singer/songwriter Will Stratton evokes the ghost of Nick Drake with his gentle, quiet style and finger-picking guitar melody on "Your California Sky." Stratton adds piano and strings for a sound that's fuller on the chorus. The track is off Stratton's new album "Now Wonder." Take a listen for yourself with a free download of Stratton's "Your California Sky."

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Pylon - "Beep"

Pylon - Beep

Chiming guitars ring out over quick-moving, high energy that has the stamp of the '80s but still sounds fresh today. It's "Beep" from Georgia new wave band Pylon. Take a listen with a free download!

DFA Records have recently expanded, remastered, and released Pylon's sophomore album for the first time on CD as "Chomp More."

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The Prairie Cartel - "Suitcase Pimp"

The Prairie Cartel - Suitcase Pimp

Chicago's Prairie Cartel might use light synthesizer pulses to get things going on their track "Suitcase Pimp," but once the band are warmed up, they knock it out with high energy and insistent vocals that make it sound more rock than electronica. It's like an '80s flashback without all the bad hair.

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