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Avenpitch - "Pregnant Pause"

posted January 9, 2009

Avenpitch - Pregnant Pause

Avenpitch's third LP "Cast Off" (Dance School Records) takes everything that was catchy and danceable about New Order, Happy Mondays, and Pop Will Eat Itself; then chops it up, speeds it up and cranks it up into howling, yet tuneful, 3-minute blasts of digital distortion.

Those who haven't heard Avenpitch before will likely be jolted by the raw energy of their sound, while returning fans will appreciate refined songwriting skills and the musical cyborg interplay evident throughout the album.

Take a listen to the opening track off "Cast Off," "Pregnant Pause," which sets the parameters with ringleader Todd Millenacker's shouted melodies set against relentless beats and layered guitar noise.


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Download: Avenpitch - "Pregnant Pause"