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DJ Hell - "The Angst"

posted February 5, 2009

DJ Hell - The Angst

International Deejay Gigolo founder DJ Hell is set to release "The Angst" & "The Angst Pt. 2" on February 23rd. The tracks are from the lead single and a teaser from his much anticipated new artist album Teufelswerk.

Across 16 exquisite tracks divided into two themes, "Night" and "Day." Hell, with his old friend Peter Kruder produced the "Day" half assisted by noted multi-instrumentalists Christian Prommer and Roberto Di Gioia. The "Night" album is raw mix of Chicago and Detroit influences combined with Hell's swashbuckling approach to electronics, this portion is for the dance floor.

For this single release Hell invited Henrik Schwarz to bring a touch of the night to "The Angst Pt. 1 and Pt. 2." As a stand-alone piece of music it's as solid as the dance floors it will be played on, but immediately hints at the wealth of ideas that exist on this forthcoming album. Teufelswerk is a lush, narcotic odyssey, the album sounds unlike anything he's produced in the past. "The album is very personal," Hell says. "All my knowledge is there…I don't think I can make a better record."


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