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Kill Hannah - "New York City Speed"

posted July 15, 2009

Kill Hannah - New York City Speed

As the saying goes, go big or go home. And that's just what Chicago's Kill Hannah do on "New York City Speed." Synthesizers blast as robotic vocals provide back-up for frontman Mat Devine. It's pure Kill Hannah, just as you last remembered them.

Kill Hannah is releasing "New York City Speed" as a free download and it's your first peek at their upcoming third album, "Wake Up The Sleepers." The "New York City Speed" demo has been floating around fan club forums nearly a year. As homage to the fans' love of that version, the track begins with a few bars of the demo's intro before launching into the newly mastered cut.

To celebrate the completion of the new record, Kill Hannah has joined Lacuna Coil on a July tour of the western US. They'll be on a full North American tour this fall as well.


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Download: Kill Hannah - "New York City Speed"