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MYNX - "I'm So L.A."

posted May 19, 2009

MYNX - Im So L.A.

"MYNX is more than a band. It's a religion. We plan on evangelizing the world with our hot gospel. I'm not even joking. I'm sure we could also budget some time for some good old MYNX shenanigans. Climbing the Eiffel Tower in matching unitards, setting zoo animals free and what not," says Ara, one half of the duo MYNX.

Leading MYNX's first official release Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind EP - is the single, "Kissie Show," accompanied by a bonus offering of the song that started it all, "I'm So L.A." Get a free download of "I'm So L.A.," MYNX's high-energy electro track that builds up the superficial just to knock it all down with style and attitude.


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Download: MYNX - "I'm So L.A."