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Pansy Division - "Twinkie, Twinkie Little Star"

posted March 24, 2009

Pansy Division - Twinkie, Twinkie Little Star

Undeniably one of the most important and influential gay music acts in the last twenty years, Pansy Division pioneered the “queercore” genre long before other gay musicians had the confidence to come out of the closet. With album titles like Undressed (Lookout! Records, 1993) and Deflowered (Lookout! Records, 1994), and song titles like "Bill & Ted's Homosexual Adventure," their bluntness and humor stood out amidst the '90s alterna-rock scene.

Now the band are back with "That's So Gay," their eighth studio album overall and their first new album in six years. Preview the album, out March 31st on Alternative Tentacles, with a free download of "Twinkie, Twinkie Little Star."


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Download: Pansy Division - "Twinkie, Twinkie Little Star"