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Patrick Watson & The Wooden Arms - "Tracy's Waters"

posted April 8, 2009

Patrick Watson & The Wooden Arms - Tracys Waters

For their new album 'Wooden Arms,' Patrick Watson and the Wooden Arms used foley effects, borrowing from the toolbox of 1940s cartoon and old Twilight Zone episodes. They decided to stay away from stock instruments like a standard drum kit and shun reverb and digital delays in favor of homemade and uniquely-created sounds. Watson says, "We are composing cinematic pop, as if Dolly Parton was a science fiction writer and lived in Iceland."

"Wooden Arms" will be released May 5 by Secret City Records. But get a sneak peek now with a free download of Patrick Watson & The Wooden Arms' "Tracy's Waters."


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Download: Patrick Watson & The Wooden Arms - "Tracy's Waters"