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Sabbath Assembly - "Hymn of the Consecration"

posted March 5, 2010

Sabbath Assembly - Hymn of the Consecration

Hippies and children of hippies unite and rally around Sabbath Assembly. While "Hymn of the Consecration" might sound like it's straight out of 1968 from a band that may have once shared the stage with Jefferson Airplane, it's actually brand new. Well, sort of. The band's new album "Restored to One" is "a modern response to the musical activities of a cult known as The Process Church of the Final Judgment, who used music to spread their visions of Gnostic reconciliation in a time of cataclysmic change. Sabbath Assembly has re-charged the original hymns of The Process Church and worked them into moving renditions that unite the trinity of rock, psychedelic and gospel music into one triumphant re-awakening." Turn on, tune in and drop out with a free download of Sabbath Assembly's "Hymn of the Consecration."


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Download: Sabbath Assembly - "Hymn of the Consecration"