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The Slit - "No Twig"

posted January 6, 2009

The Slit - No Twig

Toronto-based experimental folk trio The Slit are set to release their proper debut for Fire Records on January 12th. After two lo-fi outings on their own label, Cat's Peak is a true meeting of pop and experimentalism, replete with sublime harmonies, and words of nature's magic and love's mysteries delivered with the band's characteristic avant-country sensibility. A veritable super group of Toronto's young, improvised music community, the band is regarded as the brainchild of singer/guitarist/flautist Ryan Driver, whose solo album Feeler Of Pure Joy - recorded with Sando Perri of Constellation Records - will also be released by Fire in early 2009. The Oldham-esque broken-folk of "No Twig" is available for download below.


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Download: The Slit - "No Twig"