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St Helens - "How To Choose Your Guru Part 2"

posted April 29, 2009

St Helens - How To Choose Your Guru Part 2

The members of St Helens can trace one degree of separation from Spider Vomit, Bird Blobs, Minimum Chips, Alpha Males and Kes, with occasional contributors, Love Of Diagrams and Panel Of Judges. Originally formed to give voice to Jarrod Quarrell’s (The New Season, Lost Animal) world weary but ultimately victorious songs, it wasn't long before word spread of the band’s razor-sharp guitar interplay, Jarrod and Hannah's bitter-sweet, intertwining vocals and the broken glass danger of their intense live performances. After only four gigs, St Helens found themselves opening for Blonde Redhead.

St Helens have finished recording their new album and are offering a free download of "How To Choose Your Guru Part 2."


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Download: St Helens - "How To Choose Your Guru Part 2"