Interview: The Bronx's Joby Ford

posted June 19, 2009

by Corinne

The Bronx's Joby Ford

How are you?


Your newest album is officially the first with the new five member setup. How did that effect your writing and recording process?

the writing process was pretty much the same - I think that this is def a more guitar drivien [sic] album they our previous one (ovbiousley haveing [sic] another guitar player) I think it was alot easier to be dynamic, whereas before with just 3 instruments we had to really scrape the barrel to fiquire [sic] out songs and make them go places.

The Bronx are a very physical band when performing live. How do you feel your live sound translates on to recordings?

I feel it translates pretty well. we always record most of the material live. we feel that it sounds better and sounds more like music. we play everything so much faster live then we do on record. we are still trying to figure out why that is.....

Why have you chosen to self-title each of your three albums?

hahahahahah! originally when we started the band ipods were all the rage and they catalogued everything for you. it was to create confusion and basically piss everyone off that was lazy.

The Bronx have an album of mariachi music coming out. Tell me about that.

originally we we asked to do an acoustic version of one of our songs. which is always bad. so we did a mariachi version and it came out really well. so we wrote an album worth of material and [it's] coming out aug 19th I believe. [it's] a very serious record. probably the most serious we have ever made. we are all very excited about it. plus we get to wear those sweet charro suits which make us all feel like superman!

Name some underrated bands that you think deserve more attention.

of course - but as a whole I think music needs more attention. of course I am biased but [it's] really strange now. every lable [sic] is trying to make a quick buck and I think the bands suffer and need more attention. but I suppose [it's] always been that way and will never change. I think [it's] really exciting that the music industry is eating shit and no one knows how to fix it. everyone is scrambleing [sic] and really exciting music is coming forward that 5 years ago would have been laughed at for production value, or song structure. the internet has given everyone a voice, that [isn't] always a good thing, but [it's] way more exciting to have your music available vs. when I used to make demos and mail them off to record labels and cross my fingers...

What have you been listening to recently?

demos demos demos. I am producing 2 records next month and have been quite busy with that. new stuff that I like is king khan / shrines, new mastadon [sic], trash talk. old stuff - mariachi vargas, los lobos, and the [world's] most ridiculous band - sir lord baltimore.

If you could have written any song what song do you wish you had written and why?

man I hate this question. mmmm bop by hanson? that way I would be a millionare [sic] by the time I sprouted my first pubic hair and I could eat grilled cheese the rest of my life.

Anything you would like to add?

I hated hanson.

Thanks very much for your time!

thank you very much!