Interview: Chrisopher Blue

posted July 17, 2007

by Corinne

Chrisopher BlueHow are you?

OK....Coming back down to earth.

What is your background in music?

All my life I have walked around town writing lyrics in my head…singing lil melodies beneath the skies of wherever I happened to be.

How did you get started?

I played piano by ear at an early age, 4.

"Room Tones" is a very beautiful and personal album. Did you find the process of writing and releasing the album to be a cathartic experience?

Not until after the record was released. It was a confusing experience and clarity did not arrive until it was out of my hands.

You did a radio performance in April with some edgier performances than the recorded album versions. What made you decide to take the songs in a different direction?

It really comes down to the availability of the players I work with. Every lineup has its own attitude.

Do you feel a difference between your sound recorded and performing live?

It is all so fluid and not thought about too much. I never plan for much. Premeditated thought is beyond my stoned mind. I just am thankful for the musicians I play with. And the music we make is presented to them with an asterisk. *Learn the form of these compositions and then do with it what you feel. I usually only give the musicians one rehearsal before playing. This is due to timing and the fact that we all come from various regions within the States and I have a limited budget to work with, so there is just never enough time.

Your biography mentions Mark Lanegan encouraging you to keep making music during a tough period of your life. Do you know if he has heard "Room Tones?" And, if so, did he give you any feedback?

He received it recently through a mutual friend and I have not heard what he thinks…

Right now, you have a few West Coast tour dates scheduled. Do you have any plans to do a national tour?

No, I am going to have to be vague about why that is. I am going to take time away from the industry and such. I am kinda burned out on doing business with record labels. The next record I release will not be affiliated with a label. In order to accomplish this I have a lot of things to unravel.

For a brief period you were also in 10 Minute Warning, which has quite a different sound than your solo music. Tell me about your time with 10 Minute Warning.

It was surreal and heavy. It was a challenge to front a band with such an underground legacy whose members had gone on to make a mark for themselves in other bands. Really huge bands I might add. I was a nobody and got a chance to make a record with some of [my] teenage heroes. That was amazing. Then it just weird. I got a lot of shit from the community that knew of the band back in the day. I kinda look at it like the “Forrest Gump” time in my life. I was just randomly put into strange situations that seemed to matter to a bunch of people that I did not know. I liked the music and the musicians.

Who are some underrated bands that you think deserve more attention?

Fire vs. Extinguisher (Austin, TX), Joe Green (LA, CA), Me.

What have you been listening to recently?

Dose One, Bad Plus, BBC World News, Free Speech Radio.

If you could have written any song, what song do you wish you had written and why?

I do not wish to have written anyone’s song. If I must: Leonard Cohen – “Famous Blue Raincoat.” It is a beautiful and painful story.

Anything you would like to add?

Support local art. Eat locally grown organic food. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Thanks for your time!