Interview: Eagles of Death Metal's Dave Catching

posted February 18, 2009

by Jason O. Sinard
Photograph by Gabriel Hutchinson

Eagles of Death Metal's Dave Catching

Dave Catching -- studio guru, former restaurant owner, and lead guitarist of the live version of Eagles Of Death Metal -- opens up about his current tastes, history, and life on tour with EODM.

How are you?

Everything is perfect- My life, The Rancho, EODM, earthlings?, everything ...

What is life on tour like with Eagles of Death Metal?

The best of everything...tons of laughs, ladies, rock 'n roll, sight-seeing, museums, all night parties.

It's a dream, and we're living it.

Where else can you travel in a pop out bus, stop to rock the locals, have a dance party on the bus, then move on to another town and do it all again ?!!!

What other bands have you played with?

Damn, this is going to be a long answer ..besides EODM ?....

earthlings?, Queens of the Stone Age, Masters of Reality, Peaches, U.N.K.L.E., Red Sharks, Modifiers, Ringling Sisters, Mark Lanegan Band, Smith And Pyle, Twilight Singers, Gutter Twins, Gnarltones, The Desert Sessions, Tex and the Horseheads/Texorcist, The Bowery Boys, Yellow #5, Mondo Generator, Iron Horse, Four Piece, Four Neat Guys, Cockrock, Lihndberg Sanders Experience, The Cuntsmen, The Randy Band, The Turks, Dig Your Own Cactus, Brant Bjork, and probably more...

Where is your favorite place to perform?

Damn, that's a hard one. Probably at my studio, Rancho De La Luna, when all my friends are there jamming. New Orleans is always interesting. Playing live anywhere is always exciting and fun. It's my favorite thing in life, next to sex in all it's wondrous beauty.

When did you start playing guitar?

At the tender age of 15, the year of our nation's bicentennial, 1976.

I used to sneak my brother Jack's Les Paul and strum it, until he caught me and showed me a few chords.

What music are you currently listening to?

Funny...lately I've been going back to the music of my youth, Roxy Music and Neil Young, or hitting shuffle on my iPod and letting it roll. My musical tastes are all over the place.

The new Masters of Reality album, Pine/Cross Dover is fantastic ...

The new earthlings? ep, "Humalien," just because we've been mastering it for a vinyl release. I just got an iPhone and go to sleep almost every night with the first 4 Roxy Music albums on shuffle.

Have you seen any good movies lately?

I haven't had a chance to see any current movies in the last few months. Just too damn busy working on the studio and touring. I did watch "The Omega Man" with Charlton Heston the other night, and it was still kick ass.

I've been watching a lot of Adult Swim cartoons.."Frisky Dingo," "Metalacolypse" and the most crazy cartoon ever, "Superjail."

Favorite alcoholic beverage?

It changes after every hangover. It used to be Wild Turkey, but now, a nice vodka cranberry leaves me feeling alright the next day.

Favorite food to cook?

Any and all. I'm pretty good at BBQ and make a good red beans and rice, with jalapeno cheese cornbread and greens.

Are you going to Mardi Gras this year?

Absolutely. The only time I'll ever miss it is if I'm on tour.

Anything you'd like to add?

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