Interview: Darroh Sudderth of Fair To Midland

posted December 18, 2006

by Corinne

Darroh Sudderth of Fair To MidlandHow are you?

Fair to midland -- thank you.

Care to introduce yourself?

Hello. I’m Darroh, vocalist for Fair to Midland.

How did you get involved in playing music?

Just had a love for music and felt as though it was one of the few things I might be decent at.

Where did the band's name come from?

The term (which is usually spelled either ‘Fair to Midlin’ or ‘Fair to Midling’) was originally used to grade cotton. It’s just a synonym for ‘mediocre’ or ‘average,’ and was one of the only names we came to agree on. The name also pokes fun at my lyrical tendencies, in that I’m always using old clichés and sayings. It just made sense to have our name be one as well.

You have been keeping fans well versed on what is happening with the band via video diary postings on MySpace. Where did you get the idea to start the videos and what have fans thought of the inside look?

Our drummer (Brett Stowers) and keyboardist (Matt Langley) have been the ones behind the videos. I think it was probably something they wanted for themselves and just figured if fans were willing to watch, then why not. I hate answering on there behalf, but that would be my guess. And I’m not really sure what the fans think, I rarely get the chance to check our site or MySpace page.

Fair To Midland are signed to Serjical Strike, the record label owned by System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian. What has your relationship with Tankian been so far?

He’s been great! Serj has made himself available throughout this whole process and has definitely earned the title of executive producer for this album. He’s been extremely supportive and helpful. I have nothing but good things to say about Serj.

How is the new album going? Is there a name for it yet?

I’m still tracking some vocals, but will be done within the next few days. It’s been a very strenuous process, but it sounds like we’ve made the best album possible for the time being. I’m anxious to see how it’s received. As for a name, I’ve really just been waiting to hear it as a whole before considering titles.

What can fans expect from the new album in comparison to your previous releases?

Well, about half the material was on our previous independent release, ‘inter.funda.stifle;’ But we have made a few small changes here and there to that material, as for the other half? I’m sure it will throw a lot of our listeners for a loop, but that’s expected. We are a band still looking to find ‘our sound,’ and I think you can hear that more on this record than anything else we’ve ever released.

Starting in February, the band will be hitting the road with Dir En Grey. What are you looking forward to most about that tour?

I know for myself, it’s just touring and being back on the road again. After working on an album for close to six months, you welcome a change with open arms!

Name an underrated band you think deserves more attention.

Tough question. You have to understand I’m pretty out of touch with a lot of what’s going on out there right now. Assuming you mean a current artist, I’d probably have to say Jeremy Enigk. That’s one of the latest albums I’ve picked up by an underrated artist worth mentioning. He’s been around for quite some time as the singer for both Sunny Day Real Estate and The Fire Theft. There’s always been something about his voice to me. You can’t fake the kind of sincerity and conviction that naturally comes through in his voice.

What have you been listening to recently?

Honestly, nothing. I haven’t really had a chance to pick anything up. I need to get with it if I want to make for a more interesting interview, eh?

If you could have written any song, what song do you wish you had written and why?

Another tough question. It would probably be a close tie between ‘A Day In the Life’ by the Beatles or ‘God Only Knows’ by the Beach Boys.

Anything you would like to add?

Nothing other than a sincere thank you for giving me this opportunity, and take care.