Interview: Dan Weise from Kill Hannah

posted February 9, 2004

by Corinne

How are you?

fine, thanks.

Last time Plug In interviewed Kill Hannah, you were on the "You Saw It First" tour. How have things changed for you and the band over the past year?

mainly, we have moved out of the college cafeteria circuit for ever. aside from that, our record was released in october. we are still touring constantly, so we are probably the last to know if anything else has changed.

You've released your debut full-length album on a major label but previously you had self-released several things. Tell me about your experiences with dealing with a major label.

Atlantic Records has been great to us. they have given us an introduction in every major city in the country, something i don't think we could have done on our own. i'm looking forward to taking things overseas this year.

Obviously being signed to Atlantic Records you had a larger budget than had you remained self-releasing your music. How did the "perks" affect the music, if at all?

well . . . "perks" kind of come as a result of the music. but having a bigger budget and more time was a real luxury after our previous experiences. we didn't have to break any laws to complete the record.

Kill Hannah always has interesting art work - from fliers to your website to your album cover. What made you chose the shot of the young woman with the heart target for the cover of "For Never and Ever?" Is it supposed to represent anything?

The album cover photo was taken by Mat on his balcony. everybody just really liked it and it says something about the band. if you leave the cover art up to some art department somewhere, you end up with a picture of a tree. i think we have more to say, visually speaking.

Overall, how do you feel about the album? Are you pleased with how it turned out? Is there anything you wished you had done differently?

yes and yes. but as more time goes by, it gets easier to listen to. last week i listened to a few songs that i haven't put on since the day they were mixed. how does that saying go? "distance makes the heart grow fonder" i guess that applies in some way. wait, is "fonder" even a word? did i get that right? sorry, it's early.

Kill Hannah made their national television debut on Last Call with Carson Daly. How do you feel about your performance and the experience as a whole? What is what you expected?

it was exciting, but at the same time it was a very high pressure situation. it was like taking a drivers test. everything was scrutinized at a higher level. luckily, we had been in high performance mode for a long time leading up to that night.

Do you feel your audience has changed since releasing "For Never and Ever?"

yes. it has grown. and people are quite different just based on their geography. there is a common vein that they all seem to unite them, though. it's a little hard to put my finger on.

What has been your most memorable concert to play?

i was looking at a list of all the shows we have played in the past few years and i was suprised that i remembered something about almost every one of them. so it's difficult to pick just one. but for the sake of keeping this short, i'll say House of Blues, Chicago, Jan 27th our homecoming show sold out, and the longest set we've ever played.

Have you found it difficult trying to translate the recorded sound over to live performances or are the two separate?

nope. we polished the live show before we went to the studio.

What does the band do during "down time" while on tour?

there is no down time. literally. if we don't have a show on a certain day, it's catch-up time. and i don't mean that we sit and eat catchup all day. that would actually be enjoyable. what we actaually do is much more like a sweatshop.

Did any "new" bands catch your ear in 2003?

i really like new records by: the notwist
the mars volta
for starters

What are Kill Hannah's plans for 2004?

touring, shooting a video, being released internationally. that's just the beginning.

Thanks for your time!

no, thank YOU!