Interview: Nick Palmer from Left Behind

posted September 26, 2002

by Ny

Why don't you introduce yourself?

My name is Nick Palmer, I am the drummer in Left Behind.

So, what made you guys start a band?

Actually, Abe is the only original member, he started an MxPx cover band about two and a half years ago. I joined the band in may of 2001 when my old band broke up due to the guitarist furthering his education 3 hours away. lerning suks.

What are your musical influences?

I love Tre Cool, Travis Barker, Rob Hitt, and Dave Grohl as far as drummers go. I also look up to Billie Joe Armstrong and The Clash a great deal.

What influences the song writing?

I'm sure everything we listen to influences the song writing one way or another. I think Green Day and Midtown are probably the two bands with the most impact on our songs. I listen to a lot of pussy shit like Travis and Coldplay - that might shine through here and there, but not too much.

How was playing at Warped Tour?

Amaz! ing! I've been going to the Warped Tour for five years and every year I'm like, "I'll play here some day." It was definatly one of the biggest crowds we've played to, and it was also cool not having to pay for a ticket!

Which bands did you meet?

Actually, since we were playing as a local band, we didnt get backstage access, that kinda sucked. And I'm such a mondo dork, everytime I saw someone from a band I recognized I got real nervous and walked the other way. I talked to Vinnie from the Movielife, but I'm such a moron I didnt even mention my own band, was like, "ummmm, I like your band...........bye!"

Any future touring plans?

We are planning on doing a three month, nation wide, self-booked tour starting next may. Until then, we play just about every weekend as far as we can get in one weekend.

What are you guys doing now?

Andrew goes to Temple [University] and studies God knows what, I think hebrew languages or some shit, Abe manages at a Dairy Queen, Doug waits at the Outback, and I manage a video store. Work sucks, I can't wait to be on the road!

What was the worst place you've played?

Oh man, thats a tough one, we've played some pretty disapointing shows....let's see....I would probably say my least favorite show was a bar in north Philly where we played to seven people, four of whom were in the other band, the other three were drunk as shit. I hate playing in bars, I prefer all ages shows, kids are such cooler fans than bored drunks.

Alright, want to put some shameless self promotion in here?

Well, I'm 20 years old, in my sexual prime.....oh you mean for the band? Sure, we just recorded three new songs with our new singer and you can listen to them for free if you go to our website, If you like them, burn them to a cd (we support free music-Lars from Metallica sucks). And all our merchandise can be purchased at shows (which are listed on the website) or through email (and our email address is on the website). Oh yes, and if you go to the website, sign the guestbook, we like that!