Interview: Chris from Loopus

posted October 2, 2002

by Ny

Why don't you introduce yourself?

I am Chris from the band Loopus and I play guitar and back up vocals. The rest of the band is Justin-vocals, Ferg-vocals, Micah-bass, Rekaps-Lead guitar, Zu-Drums, Rue-Dj

What made you guys start a band?

Matt and I met Justin at college and we decided to do something with our spare time. We thought that writing music and trying to become famous would fill the void. I originall started out playing drums for the band so we have come a long way since 1997.

Describe your sound

Our sound is on the base of Rap-Hardcore. By hardcore I mean metal but I like saying hardcore better. We have elements of Hip Hop, metal, and sometimes punk.

You guys were touring with warped tour this summer, how was that?

It was one of the best times of my life. there is nothing like touring, it's the greatest experience if you love to play myusic and travel. The only thing you had to worry about was getting to the next venue and finding money for beer. The work was hard and finding time to sleep was tough but it was worth it. All the bands were dope and it was a great time. Hopefully we can tour way more often.

Who else have you played shows with?

We played warped tour in 2000 and 2001 for the buffalo shows. We recently played with Dope and we're playing with the band Thursday at the Penny Arcade on November 9th.

What are some of your/the band's inspirations?

Bands that have inspired me are Green Day, Goldfinger, Hedpe, DMB, The Used and Propagandi.

What inspires the song writing?

I would have to say the negative events that happen in life. It's sad, but, I think we use it as a tool to deal, reflect, and triuimph. A song can start out negative but as the song goes on you can see how the situation was delt with and taken care of. It can be negative or positive. I know that when I write I want the song to remind me of maybe how fucked up things were so I can appreciate how much better things are when I listen to it later in time.

What are you listening to now?

Right now I am listening to The Used, Hedpe(I was so pissed when the new cd didn't come out in Sept.) Dashboard Confessional, and Finch.

What are your future touring plans (if any)?

I don't really want to say when and where but I will say that touring is definitly in our near future and we are looking forward to hitting the road again. Touring will be a much needed vacation.

What was the best show you guys have played?

The best show we have played would have to be either the warped tour shows, the shows at the smith opera house or the penny shows. I can't really narrow it down. The local shows at the Arcade and the Opera house are memorable because of all the fans that come out and show support. The local shows are always nuts because the fans make them great.

The worst?

The shows where the sound sucks. There is nothing worse then bad sound. Other then the sound, If we're able to put on the show that we know we can it's always a good experience even if the crowd isn't huge.If there is ten people in the crowd we play to blow those ten people away.

What do you guys do when you're not touring?

Write, write, write, and write some more.

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