Interview: Tony Rebis from One Year Nothing

posted September 26, 2002

by Ny

Why don't you introduce yourself?

My name is Tony Rebis and I am the lead singer/guitarist of One Year Nothing

Tell us a little about the band, why you started it, describe your sound.

We are a 3 piece pop punk band that has just recently begun to experiment with some more hardcore sounds. Me and my two band mates, Josh Ogordowski and Jason Sarkis, started the band three years ago and none of us had any prior experience with our instruments so it was kinda a rough start, but that never stopped us. We have basically practiced almost everyday over the past 3 years, played shows all the time and are always going on tour and all of us dropped out of school but this band has taken me places and allowed me to do and see things I would probably never have seen/done.

How did you guys meet?

Jason and Josh have known each other since little kids, I met them in high school. We were all best friends before we started the band.

What made you start a band?

One day Jason bought a bass and was like "Lets start a band." So Josh bought a drum set and I bought a guitar and amp and we started playing.

You were touring with the Warped Tour this summer. How was that?

Warped Tour was nothing short of a dream come true. It was also the hardest thing I have ever done. I mean it was the 3 of us plus 2 roadies so, there were 5 of us living in a van for 2 months eating nothing but Ramen noodles and cold condensed chicken noodle soup out of the can. We all got sick and we all were not eating properly and we all got heat exhaustion and we all loved every minute of it.

What bands did you meet?

Basically you can go down the list of every band that played the tour this year and we got meet them and in most cases became friends with a lot of them. I mean we were all on this tour so we all basically lived together for 2 months. For example we all ate breakfast together, we all showered together. People did things as groups not as individuals.

What TV shows are you guys watching? What are your favorite shows of all time?

I like all the VH1 "Behind the Music" episodes but nothing tops "The Simpsons."

What are the worst jobs you've had?

I'm a cook right now and it has to be the worst.

What music/bands influenced you?

Oh God where to start... The Used are awesome, almost anything on Drive Through, Alkaline Trio, Taking Back Sunday, Thursday. I could sit here and name a thousand bands but I'm lazy and it's 3am in the morning.

What music are you listening to right now?

I'm listening to an Atticus compliation.

What are your future touring plans?

Um....we got back from Warped Tour August 20th and right now we're just saving up some cash and were going to be going into the studio within the next couple months to record an EP. However our next big tour isn't probably going to be till January.

Do you arrange the tours yourselves?

We do everything ourselves, we book all our own tours, bought all our own equipment, we bought our tour van we never had any financial support from our parents or a label, we all just worked hard and saved up our cash and made it happen for ourselves.

OK, we're in the future - you guys are bigger than (insert name of huge band here). Who are you guys dating/sleeping with?

Anyone who wouldn't date or sleep with me before.

So when are you guys going to put more MP3s up? Or release more music? Cruise Control is great, but we want to hear more.

We go into the studio within the next couple months to record some songs, it will be ready by December hopefully.

Alright, about it. Want to put some shameless self promotion here?

Not really, just everyone go check out and sign the guestbook so that we can get your e-mail address and keep you updated on when were comming to your town. And another thing is that anyone out there who thinking of starting a band or is in a band if you work hard and you're dedicated than it will pay off. and oh yeah one more thing SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC SCENE cause thats were it always start for every band no matter how big you are or you become.