Interview: Jacob Rolleston of Paper Rival

posted October 5, 2007

by Corinne

Jacob Rolleston of Paper Rival

How are you?

I am doing well, just getting over a cold.

You recently released your debut self-titled EP. How are you feeling about it now that it's out of your hands?

I feel very good about it. As a writer though, I think there will always be something that I want to change about it. Eventually I just have to let it go.

Can you tell me about your experiences making the EP?

I can indeed. We had to change our band name back in March and decided that releasing a new EP to open up the new name would be a good idea so while we were in the studio making our full length, we took some of the songs that were intended to be b-sides and made a nice EP out of them. It has been great though. Everything has been really smooth. No horror stories yet, but we're still in the studio so I’ll keep you posted on that.

The band's full-length debut is set for an early '08 release. Does it have a title yet and how does the sound compare to the EP?

The full length is called "One Not One.” Believe it or not, even though we have recorded and released the EP during the full length sessions, the styles of the two are very different. Our full length touches on so many different types of music. There is some folk, country, mid-‘90s alternative rock, [such as] The Breeders, The Toadies, Counting Crows. For the full length we were trying to make the music that made us want to make it in the first place.

Paper Rival is one of the first bands to sign to Photo Finish Records. What made you decide to sign with a newer label?

The owner of our label is a great friend and an amazing booking agent. We have had complete faith in him since the day we met. For us, there really wasn't ever an option that we felt was worth exploring other than working with Photo Finish. Upon signing and meeting his newly hired crew we felt so safe with our choice. The people at Photo Finish are some of the best to have on your side.

The band used to be called Keating. What was the reason for the name switch?

A band in Canada is called Keating also. We were on tour last year and played in Edmonton (their hometown) and people showed up expecting to see that band. That's when it really stirred the paint. Fighting for the name would've delayed things so much and cost a lot of money that we don't have. So, looking at the glass half-full we decided that a name change would be nice anyway and give us a reason to develop a different sound that we had been looking for when we first started.

How did Paper Rival form?

We were all friends and in different bands before forming this one. We really just wanted to capitalize on each others strengths. We decided that this would be a great way to make the music that we had been wanting to make.

Who are some underrated bands that you think deserve more attention?

Good question. Wow, there is a band that I don't really believe is underrated, but I know they deserve more attention. That is Colour Revolt. Amazing, amazing, amazing band.

What have you been listening to recently?

Rival Schools, Neko Case, Barkmarket, En Vogue, The Toadies, Sade, Prefuse 73, Leadbelly, Paul Simon (“Graceland”).

If you could have written any song, what song do you wish you had written and why?

“Ashtray Heart” by Captain Beefheart. Why? Listen to it. "I feel like a glass shrimp in a pink panty." That is fucking genius.

Anything you would like to add?

Yes, thank you very much for taking the time to interview us. It means a lot. Really.