Interview: Piper

posted September 26, 2001

by Corinne

Why don't you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about the band? How did you two meet?
Sean: Way back in 1985 in high school. We really didn't get along back then. John was an amazing musician, popular with everyone.......and I was your typical high school geek. ha-ha
John: Unfortunately, this was all true!! Aaaa..regrets....regrets....

Did you two kept in touch between your previous band together, The Material Wonders, and Piper? Or was it more of a running into each other at the store?
Sean: Actually we lost touch with each other after that dreadful "material Wonders " gig. I went into the Army shortly there-after. I got back in Utah last October, and in December decided to find out what John was doing, so I gave him a call.

The CD, "Piper", was produced before you [Sean] joined John in Piper, correct? Any plans in the near future for any releases?
Sean: Yeah, I'm sorta riding on John's coat-tails at the moment. The works on Piper (the release) are all John, all the time. We've revamped the songs since January, adding some extra's to the original songs. Also we've written new material, but no new CD in the "near" future is planned. We want to try the new songs out during our shows, see what ones are the best, and go from there.
John: I produced "Piper" all my little lonesome, which was very difficult to do. Since Sean came back, we are now working towards a great performance including a number of new songs. Sean also has some unbelievable acoustic guitar tunes that will make us sound very well-rounded.

What sort of reaction are you getting at shows? Piper is still fairly new, but are there a lot of people who keep coming out repeatedly or are you just trying to get the word out?
Sean: Actually we are just now getting set for playing out. John and I have always done things sorta backwards, decided to get our show put together, get the songs perfected, all the while building a fan base via the Internet and word of mouth. We have a lot of people who keep asking "where are you going to play....I've got to see you live..." that sort of thing. We've built a very large fan base, worldwide, before we've even played a gig.....see....backwards!

What bands would you like to open for?
Sean: Argh...the dreaded question. This always goes right along with "what band do you sound like". It's so hard to judge yourself or your abilities. But if I were to open for any band it would have to be Depeche Mode. I grew up listening to them, and have wanted to be Martin since I was like 12! (LOL)
John: I would love to open up for U2, DM, or Neil Diamond.

Where do you see the band in 10 years?
Sean: I personally feel that in 10 years, we will still be putting out music together. John and I have always (except for those dreadful high school days) really clicked well. Also, I would like the band to branch into a production company or label. I want to help out unknown bands get noticed without the trials and tribulations that we have had to endure...
John: I see us following the Danny Elfman model: working on movie soundtracks while still performing as a band. You gotta love Danny Elfman.

What music are you listening to right now?
Sean: I'm sorta stuck on "Mazzy Starr - so tonight that I might see". I get in these funks where I dig up on old CD and play it until I want to put it away for a couple more years. For newer stuff, I've got the new Human League single in my car. What an amazing revival!
John: I mostly listen to Enya.

Favorite album(s) of all time?
Sean: hmmm...I'll have to give you a top three. 1) Pink Floyd - Dark side of the Moon 2) Depeche Mode - A Broken Frame 3) Sisters of Mercy - Floodland
John: 1. DM-Black Celeb. 2. The Church-Starfish

What bands or albums influenced you?
John: DM, Peter Gabriel, U2, New Order Sean: Depeche mode, Red Flag, Sisters of Mercy, Pink Floyd, and Cause and Effect. I think those are my major influences, although I could name 1000000000 more that I try to incorporate in my styles.

What band do you think is underrated and deserves more attention?
Sean: Actually, I know of a synthpop artist out of San Diego named Tony Reed that has just release a new CD called Love. I've check out some of his songs on, and I really liked what I heard. Tony has a very unique I guess he gets my vote for this question.
John: Without a doubt, The Church. This band should be up there with Smashing Pumpkins, STP, and Pearl Jam. Most Overrated Band: Bush

Well thank you for your time!
Sean: Thank you! We appreciate the time you've taken on us!