Interview: Saosin's Beau Burchell

posted September 23, 2009

by Corinne

Saosin's Beau Burchell

Let’s talk about your sophomore album, “In Search of Solid Ground.” About a month before the release tracks were starting to be released. How were you feeling about it?

record is out now... but it has its pros and cons, people get excited about hearing the songs early, but there is always a chance that the excitement will die before the record actually comes out... it's a gamble.

Was there anything you did differently writing and recording this album due to the experience of the first album under your belt?

ya. chris [Sorenson] and i produced some songs on the record, and did a lot of the work for the majority of the record ourselves. during the recording of a record, it's easy to get carried away and spend lots of money on people and things that are not crucial. so we decided to target those areas and do things ourselves to save money, thus allowing us to experiment more on the creative side of things.

The band worked with several producers on “In Search of Solid Ground.” What influenced the decision to work with more than one producer?

we wanted to split things up and keep things fresh.

How’d you get hooked up with each of the producers?

we met john feldman a long time ago when our band first started, and he has been a fan ever since the beginning, so it really made sense to work with him when the opportunity became available. i have always been a fan of butch walker's work, from his bands to the records he produces. and when we met with him we clicked right away.. both were extremely awesome to work with.

Who are some underrated bands that you think deserve more attention? What have you been listening to recently?

copeland, august burns red, lifehouse, the sounds, chromeo

If you could have written any song what song do you wish you had written and why?

"nothing compares 2 u" prince wrote it for [Sinéad] o'connor.. its [sic] probably my favorite song ever

Anything you would like to add?

thanks to everyone who bought the new record, and those who continue to support us..

Thanks very much for your time!