Interview: Jason from The Stepford Five

posted July 11, 2001

by Corinne

How are you doing?
ummm......a little anxious, but otherwise okay.

The band is currently recording now, right? How is that going?
Yeah we are about 90% done with our second record. It's been a long hard road getting this record done but the couple of mixes we've finished sound great so I think it will be well worth all the "suffering".

How is the album sounding so far? Like your previous work or are you guys going in a new direction?
I think the stuff sounds like a fairly logical progression for us. The key elements of MESH are still there but I think we've really come together as a band and made some huge leaps in terms of dynamics, songwriting and basically just playing together. I think this album will really define "our sound", the last record we wore our influences a little on our sleeve but this time I think they are a little harder to pinpoint. Sonically and from a production standpoint this record is definitely richer, fuller, and bigger. The goal was to make something you could rock out to in your car and also go home, kick back and put on your headphones and appreciate it in that way too.

Do you think any of the songs will surprise your fans?
WE HOPE!! I have to admit that there are alot of times on this record where we sort of did certain things for that reason. We felt that alot of people tried to catergorize us too much after hearing some of the songs on MESH. We hope that there are some songs on this record that will completely shatter those stereotypes. In some ways this album is a reaction.

What has the recording-aspect been like for you? Better than when you recorded "MESH" or worse?
I don't know if it's been better or worse, it's definetly been more intensive and alot more work. MESH was pretty much us putting down what we do live on tape but on this record there was more exploring of the songs. We did alot of writing and rewriting of parts, melodies, lyrics, etc. in the studio this time. I think it helped elevate the songs and maintain some spontaneity from the standpoint that some of these songs have been around a while but some of the parts we put down were actually created on the spot or just a few days before tracking.

What music are you listening to right now?
all kinds of stuff, I usually tried to mix it up with brand new stuff and classics. so.........Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run", HUM "Downward is Heavenward", Rolling Stones "Let it Bleed", Manic Street Preachers "Know Your Enemy", Big Wreck "The Pleasure and The Greed", The Black Halos "The Violent Years", Idlewild "100 Broken Windows", The Cult "Beyond Good and Evil".........I just ordered the new MUSE and Backyard Babies albums from the UK, and I'm totally psyched to hear them too.

Favorite album(s) of all time?
Oh god the question from hell, this is so hard to answer....I can say that I think the greatest rock song of all time is Bruce Springsteens "Born to Run", even though I'm not a huge fan of him that song is just incredible.

What bands or albums influenced you?
I guess I could go back to when we started this band and writing the first batch of songs. I was heavily influenced by Dinosaur Jr., The Afghan Whigs, Catherine Wheel and The Cult. That served as the foundation and inspiration that has gotten us to this point.

What band do you think is underrated and deserves more attention?
I'd have to say The Hellacopters, everyone keeps talking about who will be the next Nirvana. The band to rise up from the underground and wipe out the rap/metal and pop. I really believe they are the band to do it, they've sort of done it in europe and Australia but their latest album (and best) hasn't been released in America and I don't think they even really care about America that much at this point. I just think what they do is so refreshing, it's so well done and it's just great fun rock and roll, great musicianship, great songs, entertaining, good lyrics, personality it's all there. I'd really like to seem them given a chance here.

Thank you for your time!