Interview: Jordan from Tragic Sense

posted February 7, 2002

by Corinne

Why don't you start off by introducing yourself and Tragic Sense?
Tragic Sense is Jordan Durante (me) and Julia Fragias. For all intents and purposes we are a duo. I write and record all the rhythm and lead guitar lines, the keyboards and bass and collaborate on the drums with my engineer. Julia comes up with the lovely lyrics and vocal lines.

How did Tragic Sense form?
Tragic Sense formed after a short lived stint I had with a garage band called Syndicate (Hi Darren, Matt, Zev). After that project, the electronic drummer and myself, Darren, started collaborating as a duo. The only thing missing was a voice which I felt (and still feel) I was not ready to provide. In college I found a budding digital engineer who agreed to collaborate with my on the drums while I played all the actual music and keys. That is what put me on the road to the alternative/electronic, Dream Pop feel we have today. After recording a few tracks I began searching for a singer, it had to be a girl and she had to have that quality that Julia has, dreamy yet powerful. She responded to an ad in the island ear and low and behold, here we are.

Now, you wrote the score for the score for a play, "Recreational Suicide." How did you get involved in the project?
I was actually advertising Tragic Sense on and indie band site. Scott Josephson of SOM productions, who's a genius, got in touch with us and asked for a score. I had written that score while watching a movie called "Angela's Ashes." Even though the story behind that differed from Recreational, I remember similar emotions when reading the script.

Was this something you had wanted to do?
Always. I love instrumentals and a good soundtrack can say so much without a word uttered. I plan to do more for the Production Company seeing as though I am the guest artist now.

With the new EP, "Insides Out," out, what is Tragic Sense working on? Touring? Writing?
Selling that and looking for promotion and representation. We have four songs written for a full length as well and are starting live gigs very soon, probably by summer this year. It's not as easy gig to get the stuff on "Insides Out" to sound good live. In addition to the fact that I am psychotically into making it sound as good as the CD sound quality wise and giving it the flair of a live performance.

What bands would you like to open for?
If we are talking professional bands, it'd be a dream come true to open for Tori or The Cure. I mean there are a ton of bands I idolize but whose music we would not be an appropriate open for.

Where do you see Tragic Sense in 10 years?
I have unfaltering faith is the Sense, Julia and myself. I know we will be successful, writing and recording in ten years.

What music are you listening to right now?
Everything. I still have my favorites, Fleetwood Mac, Vertical Horizon and Savage Garden but I've gotten more into singers like Sara Brightman and bands much the opposite, like Hoobastank and Linkin Park. It's hard however to keep into these bands. The radio stations play these songs OVER and again so much you can't listen after a while.

Favorite album(s) of 2001/2? More overrated album(s) of 2001/2?
My favorites include Garbage, Version 2.0, Vertical Horizon's Everything You Want, Savage Garden's Affirmation. More overrated albums are anything by a boy band or girl group, and the Alicia Keys Album.

What bands or albums have influenced you?
Fleetwood Mac, Nine Inch Nails, Vertical Horizon, The Cure (me). Tori Amos, P.J. Harvey (Julia). Bands that have broken the bonds of traditional genres or mixed genres successfully.

What band do you think is underrated and deserves more attention?
Radiohead is one of the greatest bands EVER and they certainly do not get the attention they deserve.

Anything else you'd like to add?
Independent musicians are the glue that holds the good music world together. If I have a piece of advice for all the indie's out there it's not to worry about the one or two notes you played wrong, focus on the hundred's of notes you played correctly. Don't worry about the bad review, focus on the one that gave you a few stars. Do NOT give up and do not get stuck in a routine. Life is beautiful, see it through clear eyes.

Well thank you for your time!