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Mens Tee
Let people know you use the Internet for more than just pornography. Black tee with white logo. 100% cotton.

$10 (shipping included.)

Ladies Babydoll Tee
Don't let the fellas have all the fun. Black tee with white logo. American Apparel's ClassicGirl. 100% combed cotton.

$10 (shipping included.)

Tote your records or books in a Plug In music bag. Black bag with white logo. 14.25" x 15.5". 100% cotton.

$10 (shipping included.)

Get a set of 2 Plug In 1" badges and then decorate your bags and shirts by pinning 'em on.

$1.50 for 2 (shipping included.)

Stick one on your car and one on your notebook. Or your instrument case. Or whatever you want. You get 2 of these 4.25"x1.38" vinyl stickers.

$1 for 2 (shipping included.)