Partisan Records Give Home To Deer Tick, The Standard, Holy Sons

posted September 24, 2008

Partisan Records Give Home To Deer Tick, The Standard, Holy Sons

Yesterday saw the first releases from new Brooklyn-based label Partisan Records. The label's first two releases are Portland, OR, band The Standard's fifth studio album "Swimmer," which was originally slated for release on the late V2 Records, and Holy Sons—better known as Emil Amos of the bands OM (Sub Pop Records) and Grails (Important Records). The label has also announced that it will re-release the debut from Providence, RI, band Deer Tick, War Elephant, on November 2008 as well as an album of early Deer Tick material at a later date. The final announced release is from Cajun Gems, which is composed of former members of The Joggers (Ben Whitesides, Darrell Bourque).

Partisan Records was founded by Tim Putnam and Ian Wheeler. Putnam had seen the inner workings of the indie label system as a songwriter and frontman in The Standard—having been on the rosters of Touch and Go, Yep Roc, and V2 Records, respectively. Wheeler's indie outlaw agency is a music consulting and artist advocacy firm, which works with artists, labels, publications, and other entities to find solutions and new strategies in the evolving 'indie' landscape. Together, the two will bring a fresh voice and new vision to the indie label landscape, with a primary focus on fulfilling the specific needs of each artist.

Partisan Records' mission is as follows: "Partisan Records is a Brooklyn-based artist-run independent label dedicated to the unique visions of those we are so privileged to represent. We believe that artistry in its many forms essentially has a singular purpose: to create and share the next new story. At Partisan, our artists create the stories that others will tell."

Audio: Deer Tick - "Art Isn't Real (City of Sin)"

Audio: The Standard - "Hotel"

Audio: Holy Sons - "Gnostic Device"