Julien-K Proclaim "Death To Analog!" With Debut

posted January 9, 2009

Julien-K Proclaim "Death To Analog!" With Debut

With two years of solid promotion and prime slots on tours and soundtracks, Julien-K are ready to unleash their debut full length LP, "Death To Analog" through Metropolis Records on March 10, 2009. A limited edition version of the album will include a bonus disc titled Death To Digital, featuring remixes of album tracks by such electronic luminaries as Paul Oakenfold, Deadmau5, She Wants Revenge, Photek, among others.

The brainchild of two of the founding members of the platinum selling group Orgy - Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck - these rockers fuse elements of dark electronic club music with styles of modern rock and pop. Julien-K fill a void that exists between genres without leaning too heavily in any direction.

"Why is there no band that's really rocking my world?" asks vocalist Shuck. "Where are the revolutionaries? I haven't seen any bands stirring that up, bringing a new look, a new everything, kids buying guitars because they want to sound like that band. With Julien-K that's what I'm going for. I want to start a movement – a new religion."

Joined by drummer Elias Andra and studio collaborator and cohort Brandon Belsky on keyboards and vocals, Julien-K push the boundaries of what traditional electronic music is supposed to be. Their debut album Death to Analog introduces listeners to a world where technology is fused with artistic expression in a way that has not been attempted before. Creating quite a thunderous stir on tours with Evanescence, Mindless Self Indulgence, as well as a mainstage slot on Projekt Revolution alongside Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Placebo, Taking Back Sunday and HIM, the band had been planning and plotting their international rock overthrow for quite a few years now. The band also appeared on the soundtrack to the hit film Transformers (incidentally, the band are currently scoring and composing the music for Transformers 2 video game, due out in Summer 2009).

Breaking into the mainstream through their previous band Orgy whose #1 crossover smash, a cover of New Order's "Blue Monday" that was both ubiquitous and credible, Julien-K have taken the aggrotech of their previous band and immersed it even deeper into synths and electronics.

"We are this sort of hybrid of an electronic band and a rock band, which Orgy was as well, but we're actually skewed more electronic," Derakh says. "I think deep down inside we really felt that we had always wanted the band to go in the direction of what we're doing now."

"That was the initial thought behind Orgy - to become an electronic band that could play on the same stage with the likes of Linkin Park, Korn, My Chem – real rock bands – and hold our own," Shuck adds.

Executive produced by Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) and mixed by Tim Palmer (The Cure, HIM, U2), Death To Analog provides a sweeping landscape of musical influences and themes that pull the listener into their world on first listen.

"We are trying to say something, we are trying to change things, we are trying to take performance to another level, we are trying to integrate technology in a way that no one ever has, we are trying to continue to write great songs, we are trying to write hooks and have great choruses, we are trying to talk about real life, our lives, situations, things that people can actually identify with, real life, love, relationships, all the things that I used to love in music," Shuck says. "We are trying to keep passion in music."