Sad Gnome Records Set Indelicates As First Release

posted July 14, 2006

Sad Gnome Records Set Indelicates As First ReleaseSad Gnome Records is pleased to announce their first release: The Indelicates’ debut single, “We Hate The Kids”. A coruscating, literate and angry song – the single typifies The Indelicates’ approach to making modern pop music. It is backed on the B-side by “Burn All The Photographs”, a vitriolic essay on the immorality of documentary photography.

Since they started gigging in September 2005, The Indelicates have earned themselves a loyal following, international press attention and a reputation for crafting brutally intellectual, catchily melodic and surprisingly loud songs. Called ‘stunning’ by the NME, ‘highly refreshing and exciting’ by the New Statesman and ‘the first great band of 2006’ by Rolling Stone – Sad Gnome Records is proud to present this much anticipated first release.

Traditionally the band’s set-closer (finishing, as it does, with the line ‘No more music, thank you and goodnight’) “We Hate The Kids” was one of the first tracks available to online fans. That version, a distinctly lo-fi mix recorded in Simon Indelicate’s brother’s bedroom, was downloaded thousands of times before finally being taken down to prepare for the release. The single version is a new mix recorded at London’s Supernova studios by Art Brut producer Keith ‘Totp’ Mahony and Produced by Les Carter – better known as Fruitbat from onetime Glastonbury headliners Carter USM. Lyrically, the song dissects the current indie scene and, in Swiftian couplets, finds fault with the perenially disappointing young.

Audio: "We Hate The Kids"

Audio: "Burn All The Photographs"