33 1/3 Announces New Book For Radiohead's "Kid A"

posted October 7, 2010

33 1/3 Announces New Book For Radiohead's "Kid A"

Ten years ago, Radiohead released their fourth full-length album, "Kid A." While the album received mixed reactions upon its initial release, it is now being cited as one of the most influential albums of the last decade, topping lists by everyone from Pitchfork and Rolling Stone to Stereogum and The Times. "Kid A" even re-entered the Billboard charts earlier this year.

For the latest book in the acclaimed 33 1/3 series, author Marvin Lin attempts to unpack "Kid A" by examining closely its music, artwork, critical reception, promotion, and more. From discussions about Napster and WTO protests to Marcel Duchamp and Marshall McLuhan, the book is as much about debunking myths as celebrating the listening experience as a site of socio-political importance. More cultural critique than journalistic documentation, Lin's "Kid A" serves to remind listeners how music is not simply a commodity to purchase, but an activity through which social meaning is performed. And "Kid A" perhaps reveals more about ourselves than meets the eye.

Marvin Lin's "Kid A" is now available for pre-order through Amazon and Continuum. It will be released around December 2010.