Aaron Freeman (AKA Gene Ween) Reveals First Solo LP

posted January 13, 2012

Aaron Freeman (AKA Gene Ween) Reveals First Solo LP

Aaron Freeman, better known as Gene Ween of Ween, has stepped out from behind his pseudonym to record his first-ever solo record, 'Marvelous Clouds' (Partisan Records). Out April 10, the album features 13 heartfelt interpretations of songs written by 20th century poet/songwriter, Rod McKuen.

'Marvelous Clouds' reunites Freeman with Ben Vaughn, who produced Ween's classic '12 Golden Country Greats.' The meticulously crafted and stunning result casts Freeman as you've never heard him and is sure to prompt a reappraisal of McKuen, who has lived privately and out of the public eye in recent decades.

Having sold over a million albums with Ween worldwide, Freeman's use of McKuen's work to articulate one of his most personal efforts to-date marks a new milestone in a career well known for its use of a wide range of vocal styles and song characters.

After running away from home in the 1940's at age 11, Rod McKuen emerged from the influence of the San Francisco Beat scene to become one of the most prolific and top-selling poets and songwriters of the 20th century, earning two Oscar nominations, one Pulitzer nomination, and selling tens of millions of books and records. His songs have been recorded by everyone from Frank Sinatra to Johnny Cash to Madonna.

Video: Aaron Freeman - "Jean" sample

'Marvelous Clouds' track list:

  1. As I Love My Own
  2. Jean
  3. Marvelous Clouds
  4. A Man Alone
  5. The Beautiful Strangers
  6. Doesn't Anybody Know My Name
  7. One By One
  8. Pushing The Clouds
  9. The Lovers
  10. Mr. Kelly
  11. Love's Been Good To Me
  12. Lonesome Cities
  13. The World I Used To Know