Acid Mothers Temple & Space Paranoid Premeire "Space Paranoid"

posted September 19, 2013

Acid Mothers Temple & Space Paranoid Premeire "Space Paranoid"

Japan’s legendary psych collective are back again in the form of Acid Mothers Temple & Space Paranoid armed with a new album of droning Sabbath-inspired crunch, Black Magic Satori. Led by renowned guitarist Kawabata Makoto, the quartet tackles extreme stoner metal in a way that only they could. The album’s three songs clock in at a running time of over 32 minutes, so expect drones and jams aplenty. The album includes their take on the classic Black Sabbath song, “Paranoid” entitled “Space Paranoid” which is premiering at Revolver Magazine.

The album is being pressed to 12” vinyl in a limited back of 500 copies (with downloads) via Connecticut vinyl label, Safety Meeting and will be available on November 12 (11/12/13). Pre-orders are available now.

With over 10 versions of Acid Mothers Temple to date, it’s easy to be confused but as Kawabata says, “The future may see yet other groups bearing similar names. But each and all of them will be true manifestations of Acid Mothers Temple.” Space Paranoid also features Tabata Mitsuru on vocals and bass, Higashi Hiroshi on synthesizer, and Okano Futoshi on drums. 

Black Magic Satori
Nov 12, 2013 (Safety Meeting Records)

  1. Black Magic Satori
  2. Devil Inside
  3. Space Paranoid