All-American Rejects To Release New Album On SlotMusic Cards

posted December 15, 2008

All-American Rejects To Release New Album On SlotMusic Cards

Multiplatinum selling band, The All-American Rejects announced today that their much anticipated third album - When The World Comes Down - will be available on slotMusic™, a new form of DRM-free MP3 music on a microSD card on December 16, the same date as the album will be released digitally and on CD. slotMusic card will give the band's fans a chance to enjoy their music in a variety of ways and on a host of devices - from microSD-enabled mobile phones to computers and MP3 players.

Going beyond the tracks on the CD and digital release of When The World Comes Down, the slotMusic card has an extras including a demo version of "Alone Again" and 2 bonus videos: "Orchestra Featurette" which features the band in the studio with a full orchestra and behind the scenes of the band recording "Another Heart Calls."

slotMusic is an innovative physical format for music with a pre-existing install base for DRM-free music. The plug-and-play slotMusic card eliminates the compatibility questions and the hassles of managing files, downloading here, transferring there by offering music in a physical format that is simple to use, works well with many different devices.