All My Loving To Hold US Screenings

posted August 14, 2007

All My Loving To Hold US ScreeningsAll My Loving, Tony Palmer's early masterpiece documenting music and its effect on pop culture in the late ‘60s at various locations throughout the US presented by MVD Entertainment Group starting Saturday, September 1st.

"This is just great; absolutely what we meant." - Paul McCartney

MVD Entertainment Group will be coordinating screenings of this documentary in promotion of the DVD release on September 18th. Cities include:

Pioneer Theater - 46 Avenue A - New York, NY 10009
Saturday, September 1st @ 10:45 PM
$5 Admission

PORTLAND sponsored by Jackpot Records
Bagdad Theater & Pub - 430 N. Killingsworth - Portland, OR 97217
Saturday, September 8th 2007 @ Midnight

Coolidge Corner Theatre - 290 Harvard St. - Brookline, MA 02446
Friday & Saturday, September 14th & 15th @ Midnight
$3 Admission

PHOENIX sponsored by Zia Records
The Paper Heart - 750 NW Grand Ave. - Phoenix, AZ 85007
Monday, September 17th @ 9pm (doors: 8pm)
$3 Admission - 18+

HOUSTON - Double Feature "All My Loving" and "The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story"
Studio Movie Grill - 8580 Hwy 6 North - Houston, TX 77095
Monday, September 17 @ 7:45pm

SEATTLE sponsored by Easy Street Records
Capitol Hill Arts Center, Lower Level - 1621 12th Ave. (between Pine St. & Olive Way) – Seattle
Tuesday, September 18th @ 8pm
$3 Admission - 18+

All My Loving is Tony Palmer's groundbreaking documentary on music and its effect on pop culture in the late ‘60s, with previously unseen footage from The Beatles, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Pink Floyd and many more. Produced and initially broadcast in 1968, this compelling documentary is just as pertinent and relevant as ever. Now for the first time, this 60 minute BBC Film is available on home video.

"Working so closely with Hendrix, Cream, The Who & Frank Zappa, all of whom had been denied an airing on television until I came along, was a revelation - first for me, but more importantly for the mass television public for whom 'pop music' was just bubblegum and not to be taken seriously. Suddenly, the mass public was forced to rethink its prejudices, because here was a group of musicians whose musical skill was undeniable, and whose 'message' simply could not be ignored". - Tony Palmer

Tony Palmer is one of the leading directors of music documentaries and historical drama films in the world. His vast filmography of over one hundred films ranges from early works with The Beatles, Cream, Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa (200 Motels), to the famous portraits with and about Walton, Britten, Stravinsky, Maria Callas, John Osborne, Margot Fonteyn and Menuhin. He has collected over 40 international prizes for his work including 12 Gold Medals at the New York Film & Television Festival, as well as numerous BAFTA (British Academy of Film & Television) and EMMY nominations and awards. He is also the only person to have won television's most coveted award, the Prix Italia, twice. Palmer achieved notoriety with this his first major film, All My Loving, which because it intercut some of the rock performances with footage of WW II and the Vietnam War was considered incendiary, and hence was never shown in the US.

"It was John Lennon's idea - the film. He said to me: 'you've got to do something to get these guys exposure on television. They're hammering at the door, except that the guys on the inside are deaf, and probably dumb & blind as well.’ So I did, and All My Loving was the result. Even using the title was his suggestion. It cause a hell of a stir, but then I suspect he knew it would." - Tony Palmer