American Laundromat Announce Pixies Tribute Tracklisting

posted July 11, 2007

American Laundromat Announce Pixies Tribute TracklistingAmerican Laundromat Records have announced the tracklisting for their upcoming "Dig For Fire," a tribute to the Pixies.

Be on the look out for another upcoming releases for American Laundromat, Gigantic, a tribute album to Kim Deal.

In alphabetical order (by band):
Bedroom Walls - 'Stormy Weather'
British Sea Power - 'Caribou'
Bunnies - 'Alec Eifel'
Charles Douglas - 'Bone Machine'
David Miller - 'Manta Ray'
Dylan In The Movies - 'Down To The Well'
Elk City - 'Monkey Gone To Heaven'
Fashion Victims - 'Hey'
Joe Harvard Band - 'In Heaven (Everything Is Fine)'
John Strohm - 'Where Is My Mind?'
Joy Zipper - 'Wave of Mutilation'
Julie Peel - 'The Happening'
Knife and Fork (featuring Eric Drew Feldman) - 'Motorway To Roswell'
Mogwai - 'Gouge Away'
Morning Theft - 'Ana'
OK Go - 'Gigantic'
PC Munoz - 'I Bleed'
The Commons - 'Here Comes Your Man'
The Rosebuds - 'Break My Body'
They Might Be Giants - 'Havalina'