Amores Vigilantes To Release Album Recorded At SF Chronicle

posted November 19, 2009

Amores Vigilantes To Release Album Recorded At SF Chronicle

Delfin Vigil and K.C. Staubach have been known to lose their car keys and things, not to mention every once in a while, their minds. Wasn't too much of a surprise then, when one of them forgot where the other said they'd store the mastertapes to their album. Fortunately, the recordings were found - along with the key to a place called "West Coast Kingdom" - the name of the Amores Vigilantes' debut album coming out on Three Ring Records in December.

Parts of the Amores Vigilantes album, which has hints of the Beach Boys hanging out with The Stone Roses andwith a little bit of Lou Reed loitering around, was secretly recorded in the basement of the San Francisco Chronicle, where former reporter Delfin Vigil used to smuggle instruments and musicians past security guards.

"We really wanted this album to feel like a melodic San Francisco post card," says Vigil who spent more than ten years at the paper reporting on film, music, as well as tragic shootings and stabbings around the city. He wrote and recorded several parts of the songs in an abandoned room in the Chronicle's basement, near where old printing presses still stand. "I loved the idea that we recorded in a kind of clandestine atmosphere, yet still right smack in the middle of downtown San Francisco - and literally underground."

Delfin Vigil and K.C. Staubach began writing songs together in tenth grade English class, which they often skipped to go guitar and record shopping together on Haight Street and Telegraph Avenue during the early 1990s. They spent the rest of that decade playing dive bars around the city -- like Tommy Guido's Purple Onion and the long defunct Cocodrie around the corner. In 2004 they released a Three Ring Records 7" under the name Love Vigilante. K.C. Staubach soon after retreated to the "Island of Incognito." Upon recent return they changed the band name to Amores Vigilantes, mainly because "everything just sounds cooler in Spanish," says Staubach. The full Amores Vigilantes lineup now includes two other former high school friends, Jacob Schroth (keyboards) and Jason McCrarey (bass) - along with former Seventeen Evergreen and current HotTub member, Mark Gregory.

Amores Vigilantes - West Coast Kingdom
Release Date: December 8, 2009

Track Listing

  1. Five Blocks With Ferlinghetti
  2. Last Tribute to Love
  3. Technically I'm Wrong (At the Elders' Meeting)
  4. Millions of Brazilians 
  5. Urayasu Girl
  6. I Love You More Than You Love Me
  7. I Don't Give a Damn
  8. God Knows It's True (Brother, I've Given Up On You)
  9. Welcome (A Song for Monty)
  10. Perfect World