Ashton Nyte Announces US Tour In Support Of "The Valley"

posted June 5, 2010

Ashton Nyte Announces US Tour In Support Of "The Valley"

After more than a dozen #1 singles and headlining festivals around the world to more than 30,000 fans as The Awakening, South Africa's alternative music icon Ashton Nyte has taken his self-titled project to America. Distinguished as "Johannesburg's Bowie" by Cosmopolitan South Africa and "the pioneer of alternative music in South Africa" by South African Rock Digest, Nyte will release his much-anticipated album "The Valley" on June 15 marking his long awaited US debut. Following the release, Nyte will embark on his first US tour.

"The Valley," Nyte's fifth solo album, is "a hybrid of post-punk and alt-folk," according to Nyte, who calls it "the unlikely love child of Johnny Cash and Nick Cave." Influenced by his relocation from South Africa to the US, the album has been described as "a collection of songs caressed with Americana styling as uniquely as only a non-American could," and "a sepia-toned film reel of old western imagery," by South Africa's Canonfire Creek Magazine.

When asked about his relocation to the US after years of success in South Africa, Nyte explains, "America is still the great land of opportunity in the world. The influence American music has had on my work cannot be overestimated...from Elvis to Cash, The Valley speaks to those influences, and reflects many dark, yet romantic ideas of early America."

Nyte has become a pioneer and icon of alternative music in South Africa, a country where traditional music is predominant. Growing up in a bilingual family amidst Apartheid-era South Africa, the Cape-born musician moved frequently and was inundated with Western influences by his music-loving, well-traveled Afrikaans father. Earning initial fame with his hit cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "The Sounds of Silence," his 15-year career has spawned over 180 original songs, 13 albums and a legacy of top ten hits.


  • June 29 Fontana's New York, NY
  • July 1 Firebird St. Louis, MO
  • July 2 Night Lite Café Chicago, IL
  • July 3 The Roots Room Chicago, IL
  • July 5 Acadia Café Minneapolis, MN
  • July 8 Mars Café Des Moines, IA
  • July 10 Kick Butt Austin, TX
  • July 11 Headhunters Austin, TX
  • July 12 Avant Garden Houston, TX
  • July 15 Checkpoint Charlie's New Orleans, LA
  • July 18 Highlands Taproom Louisville, KY
  • July 24 Spellbound @ Recessions Washington, DC