Atari Teenage Riot Get Set To Reunite

posted January 21, 2010

Atari Teenage Riot Get Set To Reunite

Details are still emerging but German band Atari Teenage Riot are set to reunite. Earlier this week, the band's Twitter account posted details on two shows -- one on May 3, 2010, at Paradiso in Amsterdam and the other May 12, 2010, at Electric Ballroom in London. The posts also said ATR would be "performing "Burn Berlin Burn" & "60 Second Wipe Out" & NEW tracks!" Band member Hanin Elias seemed to confirm the information via her Twitter account, writing, "I'm quite nervous about the upcoming Atari Teenage Riot shows this year. Has been a while. But will be great tho."

A publicist for Digital Hardcore Records has confirmed to by email the information saying, "ATR will be doing a couple of dates in Europe in May. The plan is to do something in the US in September."

Atari Teenage Riot went on hiatus in 2000 before effectively disbanding in 2001 following the death of MC Carl Crack. The three remaining members -- Elias, Alec Empire, and Nic Endo -- have all continued individually with their own solo careers. Endo has been a regular contributor to Empire's albums and at live shows.