Bill Foreman - iTunes, Chevy w/ Balding Tires, Summer Tour

posted January 19, 2004

News from Bill Foreman's January update:

iTunes is a go: "Seventeen Miles Past Indio" is now available to download on Apple's Store. Needless to say, this is a great thing. This is by far the best means I know of to deliver music content for purchase over the internet. At 99 cents a song, it's reasonable, and the sound of the encoded songs is to my ears no different than a CD. Check it!

More of General Ludd Music's stuff will become available on iTunes in the future, most immediately "Chevy w/Balding Tires". Most likely though, this will be a matter of months rather than weeks.


"Chevy w/Balding Tires": A number of developments here. The artwork for the full release is done, and in a week or so it should, fingers crossed go to press. That means about a month, and it's ready to go.
When it's in hand, photos will be published, but suffice it to say that the packaging is beautiful, a cardboard "digipack" with two folding-out panels, CD in the middle. The point here is, as CD sales are declining all over, to make a CD that you'll really want to have to hold in your hand as you listen to the music. The lyric booklet will be big--rather than cram as much text as possible onto a page to keep costs down, we're making it big enough to read without straining.


Summer tour: OK--nothing set in stone yet as far as dates are concerned, but Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York City are on the list. Without question, something will happen in those cities. More info as it develops. By all means, do email if you have suggestions about locales, or sign up for the mailing list to get updates. Best of all, throw a party, and I'll play. Driving around North America going to wonderful social gatherings with good people is exactly my idea of a great summer!