Black Elk Wrap Up "Always A Six, Never A Nine"

posted August 30, 2008

Black Elk Wrap Up "Always A Six, Never A Nine"

Black Elk has just wrapped up their new album Always A Six, Never A Nine, the CD for which is scheduled to come out on October 21st. Always A Six, Never A Nine is the second album and the follow-up to the 2006 self-titled debut from Portland, OR aggro wreckers Black Elk, whose psychotic brand of crushing, noise-rock influenced heaviosity is a return to the unhinged underground rock force of bands like Jesus Lizard, Melvins, Black Flag and Hammerhead.

This new album features ten songs of seething weirdness, with the dissonant, crushing riffage, lunging rhythmic push and awesome freaked out, Yow-esque vocals of singer Tom Glose that made their debut a favorite among anyone who remembered the days when Amphetamine Reptile ruled the underground rock scene, but with some interesting new elements (bleak guitar ambience, piano, etc.) that add new shadows to Black Elk's ferocious sound.

Always A Six, Never A Nine will be coming out through Crucial Blast on October 21st and will be available as both a CD in deluxe gatefold packaging and digital download, with a West Coast tour to coincide with the release.