Brakesbrakesbrakes Embarks In New Direction On "Touchdown"

posted January 27, 2009

Brakesbrakesbrakes Embarks In New Direction On "Touchdown"

A mix of brash rock 'n' roll, frenetic punk rock and inspired Brit-pop, brakesbrakesbrakes have pulled out all the stops for their third album, Touchdown, due April 21 on FatCat Records (Frightened Rabbit, Sigur Rós, múm). Comprised of former and current ruffians of British Sea Power, Electric Soft Parade and The Tenderfoot, the new LP by Brighton UK's brakesbrakesbrakes (known as Brakes in their home country), is a whirlwind of big hooks and off-kilter lyrics.

Declared by Eamon Hamilton as "our best yet," the foursome recorded Touchdown at the famed Chem 19 studio in Scotland with The Delgados' Paul Savage in just one month's time. Much like the feverish speed in which it was recorded, the album wastes no time asserting itself. Opener "Two Shocks" thrusts forth with a resonant bass line and pounding drums as Hamilton sings: "She said give me two shocks give me two shocks more, well I'm bored with number three oh give me World War four," culminating in a frenzy of feedback and rumbling bass.

The album is already creating quite a stir back home with Radio 1's Steve Lamacq and Colin Murray as well as XFM showing first single, "Hey Hey," early support. In true brakesbrakesbrakes fashion, the accompanying video is an irreverent send-up, which stars a giant pink donut on a quest to free its deep-fried friends from certain consumption. With two acclaimed LPs under their belt, five years of near constant touring and a live show that has been known to leave a bit of damage in its wake, brakesbrakesbrakes will bring their new arsenal to the States this spring.


  1. Two Shocks
  2. Don't Take Me To Space (Man)
  3. Red Rag
  4. Worry About It Later
  5. Crush On You
  6. Eternal Return
  7. Do You Feel The Same?
  8. Ancient Mysteries
  9. Oh! Forever
  10. Hey Hey
  11. Why Tell The Truth (When It's Easier To Lie)?
  12. Leaving England