Brookvale Records To Release "Strong Island" Comp Of Long Island Punk, Hardcore

posted June 18, 2009

Brookvale Records To Release "Strong Island" Comp Of Long Island Punk, Hardcore

This summer Long Island, NY-based Brookvale Records is set to put out its debut release, "Strong Island." A compilation CD featuring 22 Long Island-based punk and hardcore bands, the record is set to drop July 21, 2009. Karl Groeger, proprietor of Looney Tunes, a nationally recognized independent record store and Coalition of Independent Record Stores (CIMS) member, has spearheaded the Brookvale label. Strong Island will shine a much-wanted light on Long island hardcore artists making good.

"Long Island has always been known for its hardcore scene, so for our first release I felt it important to highlight some of the great new bands," said Groeger. "We had over 130 submissions and narrowed it down to 22 great bands for over an hour of music. I also felt it was important to put the CD on the shelves for $9.99."

Although all bands on the compilation have a tie to Long Island, most artists are active on a national level. Many of the bands have extensive national/international touring planned behind the record, including This Is Hell (Trustkill Records) and Crime In Stereo (Bridge 9 Records). The compilation also features a track from hardcore band Shukria, whose line-up contains members from Taking Back Sunday and Movielife.


  1. Quarter Life Crisis - "Fuck It All"
  2. Bastard Cut - "They Ate Our Freedom"
  3. Shukria - "The Sound of an Empty Promise"
  4. Crime In Stereo - "Everywhere and All The Time"
  5. You Are Who You Fuck - "III"
  6. Kills And Thrills - "Code Blue"
  7. Incendiary - "Sinking"
  8. Everything Sucks - "WW3"
  9. Backtrack - "Paused Progress"
  10. The World We Knew - "The Write Off"
  11. Halfway To Hell Club - "The Saint of Winston Drive"
  12. Barnaby Jones - "Hips N Nips (Otherwise I'm Not Eating)"
  13. Soldiers - "Sever Ties"
  14. Jonesin - "(When I) Coming Around"
  15. All Grown Up - "Undertow"
  16. Deathcycle - "Take Your Life Back"
  17. Out Of Step - "Law of the Land"
  18. Spectators - "Clink"
  19. Southpaw - "Cooler Heads Prevail"
  20. This Is Hell - "Infected"
  21. Bring Out Your Dead - "Farley"
  22. Down In the Fourth - "Porkchop Express"