Candlelight USA To Distribute Knights Of The Abyss

posted September 19, 2007

Candlelight USA To Distribute Knights Of The AbyssThe latest addition to Candlelight USA's distributed roster from London's Siege of Amida Records, Knights of the Abyss bring skin melting cacophony, sure to split the pants of all of those into Job For A Cowboy, Dying Fetus and All Shall Perish.

Cataclysmic breakdowns bulldoze you to a bloody pulp. Demonic belches amidst the screams of the dying battle with the Knight's full on Metallic Mayhem. With a rabid fanbase and a legion of followers, the world is theirs for the taking. Their eagerly anticipated debut album Juggernaut is the catalyst that propels the Knights into the hearts of every fan of brutal, innovative metal.

Live Knights shows w/ more to follow through the new year...
09/22/2007 The One Place - Phoenix, AZ - record release party
09/25/2007 The Epic Lounge - Downey, CA