Chilly Gonzales, Peaches And Tiga Star In Ivory Tower

posted August 12, 2010

Chilly Gonzales, Peaches And Tiga Star In Ivory Tower

Chilly Gonzales has been creating magic behind the scenes of some of the past decade's favorite artists (Feist, Peaches, Jamie Lidell), has established himself as a worldwide entertainer renowned for his Piano Talk Shows (recently ones with Andrew W.K., A-Track, Sia) and holds the Guinness World Record for longest solo concert (27+ hours!). So what is left for him to tackle, you may ask? Writing and producing a feature-length film, of course.

Written and produced by Gonzales, Ivory Tower stars Tiga and Peaches and Gonzo himself. The story centers around two champion chess-playing brothers, Hershell (Gonzales) and Tiga (Thadeus) who share a love for the same girl Marsha (Peaches), and confirms Gonzales as the musical prodigy and legendary all-round entertainer he's always claimed to be. The film is supported by an album of the same by Chilly, produced by Boy Noize, being released September 14th on Arts & Crafts, and the film will be hitting the festival circuit before getting theatrical release later this year. And check out the music video for the track "I Am Europe" which serves as an unofficial trailer for the video.

Public screenings will be announced soon.

Director's Note from Adam Traynor :

Ivory Tower is a Tour de Force, a series of set pieces performed with simple gestures in modulating forms. It's a Rocky-inspired sports parody; a Sirkean melodrama; a nouvelle nouvelle vague; Free Jazz riff; a music video; a Youtube bricolage; a silent era Pastiche; a commercial.
In the end, Ivoery Tower's modal composition is the closest we'll get to an explanation of Hershell's esoteric vision for "Jazz Chess." This is why (forgive the cliche) I like to think of Ivory Tower as several movies in one. So much so that I gave it some additional titles.

"Hey Hershell"
The brilliant nomad pitted against forms of progress which seem inevitable to those whose lives are shaped by them. A feel-good coming-of-age sotry.

"Mutual Zugwang: The Brothers Graves"
Hershell and Thadeus Graves are polar opposites- and thus they're the same. Hershell the self-deluding idealist and Thadeus the ruthless competitor. They've switches sides in the middle of the game once before - will the do it again?

"White Queen is Drowning"
Marsha's not so much caught between two brothers as between the future Mrs. Marsha Graves and Marsha Thirteen, performer of the ingenious violinstallation.

Video: Chilly Gonzales - "I Am Europe"