Coming Up On "I'm From Rolling Stone"

posted January 17, 2007

Coming Up On "I'm From Rolling Stone"Coming up on Sunday night's episode of "I'm From Rolling Stone!"...

Now that the young writers have met each other and their new bosses at Rolling Stone Magazine, the time has come to test their skills. Tika’s hard work pays off with her article on The Roots, Russell struggles with authority and Pete confronts his lack of music journalism experience head-on. Krish gets jealous and angry when she is scooped by Tika, who lands the plum assignment to cover the Jay-Z “Reasonable Doubt” red carpet. Meanwhile, Krystal interviews Slug from Atmosphere and uses the fact that he hits on her to her advantage.

Watch Colin survive his interview with We Are Scientists on iFilm.

Take this new "I'm From Rolling Stone" quiz to see if you'd make it as a contributing editor at Rolling Stone! Have fun, and compare scores with your friends!

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