Datarock Premieres New Video For "The Pretender"

posted October 8, 2009

Datarock Premieres New Video For "The Pretender"

Electro-rockers Datarock have unveiled a brand new video for their latest single "The Pretender" from sophomore album "Red." The single, along with five remixes from the likes of Holy Ghost, Chairlift and CFCF, will be available on October 13th via iTunes and other digital service providers.

The video for "The Pretender" was shot in Paris and directed by Pascal Forneri and Antoine Bouillo of the Parralax Corporation, who also did the videos for popular tracks "Computer Camp Love" and "Bulldozer" from the band's debut album. The concept was inspired by John Carpenter's 1988 cult classic, "They Live."

Frontman Fredrik Saroea comments, "If you haven't seen it, I shouldn't say too much. But I can tell you that the main character finds a pair of sunglasses that opens his eyes to reveal that the civilized world isn't quite what he thought it was. We stopped there and simply let the creepy Carpenter feeling enter a Parisian mall. Now, what could a pair of sunglasses possibly reveal in a deserted mall in the city of romance and love?"

Check out "The Pretender" video below and see where the inspiration came from with this clip from "They Live."

Datarock just wrapped a six-week North American tour in support of "Red" and will spend the last part of the year touring Europe before they head to Australia early next year.

Video: Datarock - "The Pretender"

The Pretender Single EP:

  1. The Pretender
  2. The Pretender (Holy Ghost Radio Edit)
  3. The Pretender (Chairlift Remix)
  4. The Pretender (CFCF Remix)
  5. The Pretender (Holy Ghost Remix)
  6. The Pretender (Holy Ghost Remix Dub)